This is not about Kangana, just read some line you will realise it is about you.

Yes! recently Kangana Ranaut lost more than 3 millions follower on twitter when she got her account banned.

Most people like us depends upon others’ website for followers. But, by doing that we are relying upon them. We are at their mercy. They can play whatever they want with us and we can’t even as a single question.

My concern is you. What if you lose the same follower because of some such reasons.

My dear friend you have to find a solution to that….!

So, what could be the solution?

An e-mail list .

e-mail list for influencer

Yes! you have to have an email list. The followers that you have on social media are not real. They are the users of that social media. As a business, influence, personal brand you have to have your own email list. You have to have your own set of audience.

It will not matter if all the followers you are getting deleted from a social media site. Just get back to you to your email list and send them emails about your new social media account and boom. you will get all your followers back.

e-mail list for business

You see, people come to your site and they just go away and you have no track of those people. Some people show interest and then they just forget about you, because of the social media site does not pushes your content to them.

By having an email list, you can not only make your audience aware of your latest products, discounts, sales but also nurture them with your content and build trust.

Which is again most important when it comes to have the transaction.

From a marketer perspective

Once you have your own website, you have your own email list, you don’t need to bothered about anything. And the best fact is that whenever you want you can share your message to all those people at once and they will read you.

In case of some social media you were reaching them through some social media but with email list you are talking to them directly.

All your messages are landing to their inbox.

It is the best power you can have at this era.

We have already heard about how data can be the digital currency, and this is one of those reasons.

A famous joke that Deepak Kanakaraju make is ” If Gandhi ji had digital marketing and have a huge email list, then he would have done it very easily.

The conclusion

Having an email list is not only important but mandatory for a safe game. You will not only play safe but better. This is not a new thing, but still, people are not adopting it yet. My dear friend does have an email list and if you want to learn more about it then reach me out I will help you to have one.

I would highly recommend you to start building your email list right away. This is like social media insurance. take it now.


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