My journey
There is something common between us, we all want to improve
in life. No matter what! we are desperate to go up.
Whatever may be the direction you want to go towards, you always
face this English speaking problem.
A few days ago one of my college friends ping me and it was written “
need help!!!”
Me: what help do you need?
He: send me your number I will call you.
I gave my number to him and the next day he called me back.
He: Hey!, I saw your video on Instagram and I liked it. I mean in terms
of the message it was good but I liked the way you speak.
Me: oh! Thank you… but what help were you talking about?
He: English speaking! See I know there are a lot of videos out there
on YouTube to learn English but they all have different backgrounds. That
is why whatever they are teaching is related to their circumstances, not
mine, but We share the same background and what you have faced. I am
facing the same issues. What I believe is that if you would tell me what
helped you and what made you speak so fluent and beautiful, that would
help me a lot.
Me: if that is the case then I am going to help you out. I am not a
professional English teacher. But I have the experience of coming from
an Odia background and learning it. So, yes I could do it.
I remember when I was in school I used to sit on the first bench. I
was a good student too, but understanding a line from the English
textbook was difficult for me.
It was an Odia medium school and all of us use the Odia language to
The funniest fact of Odisha is that we consider English as our second
language but in reality, we give 3
rd preference to it. In case someone is
unable to understand Odia we use Hindi to communicate.
My parents were not so educated that they could teach me English
Whenever Lopa ma’am comes to class and teaches something in
English, I used to think about how she is understanding what is written in
Fun fact when I try to read the same book I was only getting the
meaning of a few words like “ this, there, on, up etc. Lol.

I somehow managed to pass the exams in English but one thing that I
used to think then, “is it even possible that I could be able to speak
English ?”
I didn’t have the answer to that question then but today I do have.
And the answer is yes! My English speaking journey started right after
the 10
Th and I had no clue that this was going to happen to me. It took
me only a few weeks to speak English but It took me 5 years to
understand English.
In the next part of my story, I am going to tell you what happened to
me in the journey and what I learned, and then I am going to teach you
the same thing step by step in 5 different chapters.
Yes, in just 5 steps. I could give you 10 steps and 100 different
techniques to blow your mind. However, if I do that you will be more
worried about the steps and techniques but not speaking.
“If it is not short and simple then it is not the best.”
Now as a student, your job is to take those 5 steps not as the
techniques to learn English but as a part of your life. As I have said. It
took me 5 years to understand English. However, if you follow my steps
then you can do it in 1 year only.
If you are expecting less than this, probably you are at the wrong
place. My job is to give you confidence by showing some results and
once you get some results repeat the steps and you will go on building
confidence in speaking.
Are you ready?

  1. Write down your story
    In 2011 I was in a hostel for the very first time. One day one of my
    friends asked me to go home. It was a spontaneous decision. We took
    the bus and started the journey. But the problem was I have not
    informed my parents about it. When you are from a middle-class Indian
    family, deciding on your own at the age of 13, that is scary. You never
    know what will happen at home.
    Fortunately, nobody told me anything. But that was the first time I
    had made a decision on my own and I took the action for it.
    In my past, I have seen a lot of beautiful moments and this was one
    of them and concerning time, I found those memories are fading. This
    time I wanted to capture them and that is why I went on writing them in
    a diary but it was in Odia. That is the first time I started making journals.
    Later in 2013 something happened to me and that even pushed me
    towards English.
    29Nov2013 was the day somebody handed me a novel. ‘2 states’
    were written on it. I never knew who Chetan bhagat was, I never knew
    this kind of book was written. I had no clue what this book was. I never
    knew what a novel is.
    “ I can’t read it. I mean I can’t understand”, I said.
    “Haha… nobody understands completely”, Sujit said and added, “
    Don’t worry, you will understand the overall story”
    That ‘Nobody understands completely’ was the fuel that made me
    start reading that book. It was in decent English and Sujit was true.
    It took me 5 days to complete that novel but right after completing
    that novel, I felt like WOW… that is amazing… I should be doing it often.
    I should write one as well.
    I had a beautiful relationship in the past and I wanted to write that.
    But I was not that good at writing. But by now I have decent confidence
    that I can write in English. That is the point I started writing my journals
    in English. After that, I read 14 more novels within the same year. I
    remember I read Half Girlfriend within 1 month of its release and
    completed it in just two days, everyone was lighting candles and firing
    crackers. I was reading that book like hell in my room.
    From here I have understood that reading and writing is the most
    important thing to learn that thing because that helps you in three ways
  2. Sentence structure
  3. Learn vocabulary
  4. Expressing confidence
  5. sentence structure
    When you write and read a lot, your brain starts understanding the
    sentence structure of that language. You understand the grammar of
    that language, which is most important in expressing a language.
  6. Learn vocabulary
    While you are reading something, you come across a lot of words you
    don’t know the meaning of and you search for their meaning. When you
    write sometimes you don’t find the exact word to express, then you go
    on and find that word. Sometimes you don’t get it but later in future you
    get it someday for sure and just because you have faced a problem
    because of that word, you remember it quickly.
  7. confidence of expressing
    The more you write, the more you read you get the confidence that yes!
    Now I can express my emotion through words, maybe I am not good at
    speaking it but I can write my thoughts and I can express myself.
  8. Train your tongue
    Even after being able to write English, I was unable to speak.
    I remember when I went to the stage for the first time to give the
    presentation. I was scared my legs were shivering, my hands were
    sweating but the moment I got on the stage all the fear was gone but
    one thing was weird that I was fumbling a lot, fusing two words.
    Then I realized this is because of less practice. Indeed I knew to write
    the language but for my tongue, it was completely different. Being an
    Odia I have spoken that language so many times that that word slips
    through my mouth. In technical terms which are called muscle memory.
    How can you do that?
  9. Reading your stories in a loud voice.
    I know it may be weird for you but I still do it to make it perfect.
    Whatever you have written, read them, don’t need to think from your
    mind just read them.
    Remember it’s easy to whisper but difficult to speak in a loud voice,
    you can feel the difference when you go up on the stage ever and that is
    why it is necessary to read them in a loud voice as much as possible.
    Remember to read them as if you are expressing your emotion not
    only the shake of reading because when you express your emotion and
    thoughts you make your voice modulate which is one of the most
    necessary things in speaking. It makes them sound authentic.
    For example: stretching the words, putting weight on words,
    whispering sometimes.
  10. Make your mind work
    I was in the second year of my engineering and the tech fest there
    was a competition of expressing your idea and it had prize money.
    I finalized a topic. It was a “ drone delivery system” I had no clue
    about it. I just found it interesting. I did research and went on making the
    script and I practised it many times in a loud voice.
    I had the advantage of PowerPoint, I could have pictures and bullet
    points in the presentation. That helped me to recall what was on my
    script. So I went on and made those bullet points that would remind me
    what I was about to tell.
    Then I removed the script and tried speaking by the time I knew what
    to speak and after practising two to three times I remembered the bullet
    points as well. I practised that a lot in a loud voice and when I went there
    they said I was good at it. I was the best in that presentation. There was
    one more round and in the last round they had to give us a topic and we
    had to tell something about it within a minute. I just got blackout and I
    could not say anything.
    Yes! I lost that competition and 1000 rupees as well.
    But the thing that helped me is thinking something in English. When you
    practice something a lot of the time your mind starts remembering it in
    the same language only. When you are about to tell the same thing your
    mind gets the same thing out.
    Here is the task for you: take out the script now, and try to speak what
    you have written in your story. If you don’t remember everything, make
    bullet points but speak without the script.
    Advance level: stand in front of a camera and record whatever you are
    saying. These are the best techniques that you can use to fluent your
    How does it help? : this helps your mind to think in English. Your brain
    learns to think in English.
  11. Filler sound
    Well, this should not be included under this but this is necessary to
    tell. This is not a step. This is a warning.
    Don’t use filler sounds. Filler sound is what we use to fill the gap
    between two words such as, Arrr… Umm… I mean… you know…. etc.
    What happens: 1. it boars your audience. 2. kills the attention of your
    When this happens: 1. when you are lying, 2. not sure about what we
    are speaking, 3. insufficient vocabulary.
    What you can do: take pause, one of the most important skills in
    speaking this results in three ways 1. creates anticipation, 2. make your
    audience curious about what is next?
  12. Be professional
    At dawn, I was in Bhubaneswar and after coming from there I
    went to our new home to stay in quarantine. There I started living alone.
    Now a normal person like me would have complained a lot that I don’t
    want to stay alone anymore, let me go home. I could have got frustrated
    for being alone in a lonely place. But that was the best period for me in
    this English speaking journey. I was staying alone so I went on speaking
    English a lot. Every time I think something, I used to speak that literally.
    The whole day I used to shout in English. Within the next 1 months
    the confidence that I got my god.
    A few days later I went on and made a video in English without script,
    without bullet points, without a cut, rather in the single shot I made a
    video in English and published it on social media. That helped me to
    overcome the fear of speaking in front of people.
    Things that you should do: talk to yourself in English. 2. make
    videos and upload them on social media.
    This is weird, you feel scared too, but if you do, it will help.
    Here is the most important thing that you should understand. This is
    not a sprint but a marathon. I have explained what exactly I did to make
    my English better, I hope this will help you as well. Another piece of
    advice I would like to give you is that, don’t do it intentionally rather
    make it your habit.


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