“You should follow your passion because you will not get tired of doing it”

Yes! I Totaly agree to that.

but what is your passion ?

Passion and purpose is the thing that you love doing

May be the things that I love doing! or may be not…

let me explain…

I remember when I was in school, I used to love fiction and I also wanted to be a fiction writer. I wrote a lot of love stories. However, I did not publish any of them. They are just on youtube. You can check storyteller swapnesh.

Then, I started watching motivation to complete my work in time. I kind of started liking that. From there, I started reading non-fiction, self-help and biographies.

That was amazing literally.

I again created a YouTube channel to share such valuable thought. I did that for a long time but I was not getting enough views.

In the other hand people are getting millions of views. May be I was not best at it.

Passion and purpose is the thing that you are best at

Then I realised mere love is not sufficient for that passion. I need to know more, I have to be the best at it, I have to be an expert at it.

I started studying non fictions more.

On July 2020.

The entire earth was under lockdown and I choose to take the challenge of creating videos for 30 days. I made a plan and guessed what could be the ingredients to success? I have written them in a piece of paper and put the best of my knowledge over there. And made success series.

Trust me that was amazing.

I still watch those videos and amaze at how in-depth they are? There were sharks on the market and now i was changed my self from a normal fish to a shark but a small one.

After doing it for a month, I got tremendous results. People accepted me as an authority in that niche.

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The problem was people are watching videos not to solve their problems but to appreciate me, to show some love towards my effort. But I did not want that. I wanted to solve someone’s problem, to serve.

Gradually people stopped watching them.

It feels good when they appreciate in some videos. But It also feels bad when they don’t watch them.

So, Is loving something and being good at it, makes it our passion or purpose ?

Passion and purpose is that thing that you get paid for.

Gradually I started losing interest in that. But I kept on putting videos. Because I used to love doing that, and I was also good at it.

One day one of my friends asked me, “hey can you teach me English speaking?”. I was surprised because this was not my passion. Still, I went ahead and tried that.

I have created a program named Public Speaking Internship and last Sunday on 19th April 2021. I took the second class of the program. It felt like Yes! that was the feeling I was looking for. Soon these people are going to pay me, and I will have a never-ending motivation. Because I am doing purposeful work and value exchange is happening between us.


Your passion and purpose are not actually the intersection of ven diagram but a funnel. You love a lot of things out of which you have to find out what you are good at, and out of which you have to see for what you can be paid? That becomes your passion or purpose.

Why I am calling it as passion but not niche ?

Because people sometimes call it a passion and find it difficult to do. Passion is something that you do, and don’t feel tired of doing that. And if you are not exchanging value for it, you will feel tired of doing that.

We always need an outside motivation to do it. A feeling that other people give us while we do that or maybe money. However, monotony is still a factor that we can’t ignore.

Passion does not become a passion until people get ready to exchange value for that. Otherwise, a hobby might be a good term for that.

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