DO you think if you get a pay hike, your life would be better?

Before I tell you the exact answer to this I would like to tell you a story!


Here it goes…

The story of the poor farmer

A long time back there was a Farmer in India.

He had a wife and two sons. He used to do farming and used to sell vegetables once a week in the nearby market.

It was really hard for their family to live with such kind of money!

He goes to a rich Landlord one day! and expressed his frustration.

the landlord said, ” why don’t you borrow more land from me and grow more vegetables and earn more money.”

The farmer thought, “That sounds like a good plan”

He borrowed some land with some interest and does farming out there.

After a month he saw having more income and he was happy. He thought, ” Yes, my life is getting settled now”

That continues for a year and the farmer noticed himself to be at the same place but no difference in his life.

In fact, his work got doubled but he did not become rich.

One year was completed… He had to pay the interest to the landlord. But he did not have any money with him. He was scared that he will get punishment for that.

He reaches to the door… raise his hand to knock…

For a moment his heartbeat starts increasing, he starts sweating and his throat got dry.

He pulls out his hand and suddenly that door opens.

He was almost about to get a heart attack but the landlord greet him with a smile and asked him to come in.

The farmer adjusts the towel on his neck and gets in.

There were two cots in the backyard of his house. The landlord asked the farmer to sit there.

The landlord, ” How’s everything going?”

The farmer, ” No good”

The landlord, ” Why what happened?”

The farmer, ” I don’t know…” He continues, ” I started farming on your fields and started growing vegetables… I went to the market and sell those vegetables… got a good amount of money… and I was happy… To celebrate that I brought a saree for my wife and some clothes for my son and some sweets, and a pair of new shoes…

I come back home and whatever the money I had left with I put them in a piggy bank.

Next week my wife asked me to buy some jewellery, and toys for my kids… and some sweets for my kids. whatever the money left I put that in a piggy bank.

Today when I had to come to you to pay the money I saw not much money left in the piggy bank!”

The landlord, ” How much money do you have right now?”

The farmer, “I have 3 kuli 5 tanka (3*20+5=65 rupees) for now… Can I borrow some time to pay you the rest 1 kuli 15 tanka (1*20+15= 35 rupees)?”

The landlord said, ” NO” with a small pause the landlord said, ” Why don’t you do one thing. Help me bring 1 drum of water from the river and I will excuse you.”

The farmer got excited, ” 2 kuli 5 tanka for 1 dum of water only”

It was really an expensive deal for the Landlord, but he knew that if he does not do that this man will sink into debt and will never be able to fix his life and he also wanted him to learn a lesson so that he would not do such fault in future.

The river was just 100 meters away from his backyard.

The landlord kept that drum on the top of his farm and gave two buckets to the farmer.

Farmer started bringing the water and pouring it onto the drum.

The landlord went inside and took a small iron rod, heat it, and made a small hole in the drum.

Now, No matter how much water that farmer used to put that used to went through the hole.

The farmer tried to go faster and quickly brought the water and pour it.

Guess what? the landlord made another hole in there.

The level of water remains the same.

The farmer came here in the morning and now the sun was about to set. He was worried that his wife would be worried for him.

He comes back from the river this time and with a miserable voice asked the Landlord, ” I am sorry… I can’t do this”

The landlord sees him with a smile and says, ” This is how you collected your money. You always had a hole in your bucket. No matter how much money you earned it went out through the hole. If you treat your money the same way you will not be able to be wealthy ever.” He continues, ” Fix those holes and repeat this twice.”

The farmer does the same and he fills the drum.

He was happy that he did it, and got rid of the debt, but he had a question in his mind.

Invest in the right place!

If I keep collecting the money and don’t spend it, what is the meaning of it?

The landlord said, ” Yes that is absolutely right.” he continues, ” If it is with you and you are not using it then it is the dead money. It does not make any sense that you have it or someone else has it. You should use the money indeed”

The farmer was confused, ” This person is asking to same the money and also saying that just keeping the money is dead money!”

The landlord said, “look at the farm.” before the farmer could ask anything.

The farmer notices the huge farm of the landlord and sees the entire farm is watered.

It was because of the holes in the drum.

” Did you understand anything out of it?”, The landlord said.

The farmer was trying to figure it out.

The landlord said, ” Do spend your money but spend it in a place where it could give you a return. The water that came out from the hole was not wasted. It was invested in my vegetables and this vegetable will grow in future and give me more money.”

The farmer, ” Are you trying to say that use up money to make more money or invest in a place which eventually can give you more money”

“Yes Exactly.”, The landlord says. he continues, ” you have wasted much of your money on buying things that you don’t really require. Fulfilling basing needs is good but living a life of luxury is not preferable.

Moral of the story

Similarly, you are spending your money on buying things that are not required? We people buy things thing sometimes to impress people and that is the best way to remain middle class.

I have seen my brother saying, ” Shall I buy an iPhone, Shall I buy that watch, Shall I buy that blooth earphone?, Shall I buy a Camera?”

That is why it is essential to fix the holes in our unnecessary expenses. As long as we keep on spending, our pot can’t be full.

This also reinforces the fact that spending your money where it can give you more return.

Imagine if you want an iPhone. Instead of spending the money that you have right now, you invest in a business and more money and that buys you an iPhone. The process is hard and difficult but you will set up a business that will make money for you.

You will not only be able to buy one iPhone but many iPhones every year.

Earning more money does not really make difference but how you spend your money makes all the difference.

When you use your time and body to earn money that has a limitation. if someone gives you $500/day still you can earn $15000/mo. I know it is much bigger but it can’t go beyond that. You can’t spend more than 24 hours in a day!

What actually makes the difference is how you use your money to make more money.

Here is simple logic.

Take a $100 and give someone and ask them to give you $200.

Do you think they will give?


But there is a way you can do that.

Instead of offering a $100 paper. buy something out of it wholesale and sell it for $300.

Is this possible?

Absolutely! Not easy but possible.

This is what you have to find. Now, Once you have done it find a way to automate it.

Learn to leverage.

One thing that you need to understand is that you can’t do all the work alone. You have to find a way to make money like this and then you have to take some people and ask them to do this for you.


Here is your business ready.

Now, you have to figure out how to sell more and scale more.

We, humans, have some limitations, but not robots.

You can always leverage the technology. leveraging technology will help you do things effectively and error-free.

Humans fail but the system won’t.

Businesses all around the world are based on the same concept.

They are taking $100 and either buying something with it or investing in raw material to make something out of it. then selling it for more than $300.

Selling more to generate more profit. Leveraging technology and manpower to faster and better the system.

This is how you automate things.

Do you think you had a lottery of 1cr rupees your life would be better?

How much wealth you can possess does not depend on the bank where you are keeping your money in, neither your piggy bank. but your mind.

How much money your brain can handle.

Imagine if I take $0.50 from you and didn’t give you back. will you feel any difference?


$1 is nothing for your brain.

Imagine, you become a millionaire.

What is the amount you can spend on someone without feeling like you are losing something?

Found a number?

That is your upper limit for now.

It means if you get more money than that, it will slip away. It will figure out a way to slip away. There is no scientific proof for this.

But if I talk about myself after becoming a millionaire I can give away around $1000-$1500 without hesitation. That is my limitation for now. It simply means I can achieve half of this money at max.

We have to bring it into our minds before bringing it into real life.

What do you think, how many times Burj Khalifa was made?

Yes! 2 times.

Once in someone’s head and then in reality. To give it a shape in real life, we need to have the potential to think about it.

Right now if I ask you to think of making a taller building than Burj khalifa! can you think of it?

No, because it’s out of our reach but it can come inside our rich if we start studying about Engineering. If we practically do it, If we gather experience from the people who had already pulled up such an impossible goal.

When you will do that it will be true for you as well.

In order to build that you need to build a small one first so that you can have the confidence that you can make that too.

Else there are tons of people getting famous overnight and earning a lot of money at once and then they are disappearing.

The point is not how you can earn more but how you can manage better.

I hope you got something out of this post, Which has always been my intention behind making this free content.


Swapneswar Barik.

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