If you are preparing for some speech or making a video then presentation skills will play a huge role in transferring your thought.

Hence it becomes crucial to learn some presentation skills so that you can transfer your thoughts in an effective manner.

3 things of presentation

  1. Body language
  2. Vocal variety
  3. Content

Albert Mehrabian has found that body language matters 55% in an speech, vocal veriety matter 38% and content matters 7% only.

It means even if you have amazing content if you don’t focus on your body language and your vocal veriety then you can’t create impact.

Body language

Closed body language

This is a body language in which people generally keep their hands in front of them. People keep their body language closed when they feel threaten in one way or another.

It means if you closed your body language while presenting yourself you might make your audience feel uncomfortable.

Open body language

Open body language is when you open up your palm and start speaking. we open our hands and palm only when we are greeting someoone.

It may be for a hand shake or for hug. We open up when we are welcoming someone.

Hence, by opening our body language we can comfort our audience.

Functional gesture

When you say something through your body parts it is called functional gesture. you can show two with your fingers, you can say bigger and you can show that with your hands, increasing, decreasing, big, small, tiny, look, listen. when you say you can express them with your hands and hence they become funcctional gesture

they are really important if you want to amplify your message, you not only talk through verbal language but you also talk through non verbal body language as well.

Non functional gesture

Gesture that you do but they don’t implies anything but it helps you to grab the attention of your audience and help you to engage them in the speech. those are called non functional gesture.

you might have seen people waving their hands in the air many time without any reason while speaking those waves are also called non functional gesture.

However, doing over non functional gesture can create disturbance in your speech.

Amplifying posture

A posture in which you keep your feel shoulder apart, hands down and start speaking. This is a posture that speaks about your confidence towards the speech.

This also trigger peoples’ submissive behavior.


Angle of your shoulder shows your interest.

If you are interested to listen to someone you most likely face your shoulder towards the person and if you don’t like you make your shoulder away from that person.

Now, sometimes people face towards the PowerPoint. or they face half the audience and a half to slides, that is the worse way to give a speech. this shows that you are not interested in the audience and your audience quickly tunes out.

Lowering down

Lowering yourself down while speaking builds trust. If you want to express genuinely to your audience you will find yourself sitting in a chair.

This gesture will make your audience feel heavy with emotions and to stable yourself you sat down and your audience can feel it.

Doing it intentionally also works till some extent.


Movement creates attention.

Imagine you are watching a tree slow slow wind is flowing and leafs are moving. Suddenly you see a bike goes with high speed.

what do you think where are your eyes now?

Obviously on the bike.

similarly every single time you do movement that will creates attention. However, doing it often, without intension, it will create disturbance.

Role play

You instead of saying some sentence directly when you act it on the stage that how it must have happened, you make your audience feel it is literally happening.

they put their attention into it and they love it as well.

Vocal variety

Voice modulation

Speaking in monotony kills. It will sound like a 1947 news channel. People like energy and vibrant. hence voice modulation becomes most important in this case more you do the voice modulation you get the attention of your audience.

When some audience are listening they also start imagining things and if they do it they will start ignoring your voice and it will become just a noise for them which is called cognitive attention. it means a human can only focus on one thing and rest becomes noise.

If you don’t wake that person up from the dream the person will keep on dreaming and whatever you would be saying will go in waste.


Articulation is how you pronounce the words. Sometime people don’t articulate words properly and hence the audience can’t understand the words properly.

However over articulation also will sound weird. so make sure to have a good articulatinon.


Whispering does not sound clear but still people pay attention to that because they feel like it is a secret and that is on your behavior.


Silence help you from not speaking some unnecessary filler words.

It also create suspense and anticipation.

If you give silence after a punch line you will get a round of applause.


Dancing, singing are the things people love doing and if you are singing on the stage or expressing something with a song or with a tune people love listening to that.

Sound effect

If you want to say explosion, speak ” boom” people will understand it and they will love it in fact.

Pace of speech

When you speak faster you eat your words people can’t catch them. So intentionally when you want to get away from a situation go speaking fast and if you want people to listen go ……. extremely…….. slow.

However, you can’t speak extremely slow entire speech. so maintain a normal pace and that is cool.

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