The Science of Fear of failure

Science says,

” fear of public speaking is more than fear of death.

Similarly, people can have fear like rejection, failure, acceptance and so on.

How to overcome your fears?

I will tell you a study followed by the out comes…

Recently there was a study in the Institute of cognitive neuroscience in London to see how pathological anxiety makes us fear something?

They get some volunteer who has Pathological anxiety.

They asked them to go for gambling. Now in both cases, the outcome was won. But in case one the certainty was there but in case two, not.

Majority of people went for case one and a few went for case two.


People don’t fear to fail but they fear of uncertainty. They don’t know what will happen next.

Let me give you an example.

Imagine you are in a jungle. You know the jungle is full of carnivorous animals. Every step that you would be putting in, you would be scared. that is fear of uncertainty. However, suddenly you hear some sound and you turned back. There you see a giant tiger looking at you and you are at a distance of just one jump.

That is the point, where you are no more fear to fail because you are already dead, and you know that. Now, every single second you are getting, you would be enjoying the beauty of nature.

The point is…

When you know you lost the game you don’t scared much.

The pain of anxiety is more than the pain of Fear.

There was also an experiment in London in 2016. They get some volunteer and divided them in two groups.

Now, the First group is told that they are going to get shocked and at a certain interval of time. But the second group is told that they will only get shocked.

At the end they found out that the 2nd group was feeling much more pain than the 1st group.


  1. Again, it is the fear of uncertainty not the pain.
  2. The pain of anxiety and the stress is actually more than the real pain that you will get as a result.

The conclusion

If you fear to ask something to someone, if you fear to fail, if you fear to propose then that fear is way less than the fear of stress and anxiety.

So, hop on it, do the thing. It is okay if you are getting NO! It’s okay if you fail. It can also indicate that the fear of regret is more than fear of failure.

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Swapneswar Barik

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