Swapneswar Barik

About this BOOK.

This is a digital book to write about my experience of living this life and the experience that I am getting.

This is to help people who are going through the things that I have been through to make their path a little easier.

Hope you enjoy reading it.

About My Career

Hi, I am Swapneswar Barik an Engineering Graduate, who completed engineering in 2020 from GCEK, Bhawanipatna.

I started my professional career on Youtube and hopped to many different fields like Blogging, Digital Marketing, Public Speaking and Storytelling.

All this while, I was under-confidence in speaking in front of people, and somehow I made my way out.

Now, to help people with the same obstacles and make a living, I started publicspeakingfamily.com. A platform helps working professionals and college students to build confidence in speaking in front of people and fluency in English Speaking.

I have also worked with videopreneur. as a video ideator and constantly looking for experienced entrepreneurs to work with so that they can get the best help and learn more about it through practical experience.