Swapneswar Barik

About My Career

Hi, I am Swapneswar Barik an Engineering Graduate, who completed engineering in 2020 from GCEK, Bhawanipatna.

I started my professional career on Youtube and hopped into many different fields like Blogging, Digital Marketing, Public Speaking and Storytelling.

All this while, I was under-confidence in speaking in front of people, and somehow I made my way out.

Now, to help people with the same obstacles and make a living, I started publicspeakingfamily.com. A platform helps working professionals and college students to build confidence in speaking in front of people and fluency in English Speaking.

I have also worked with Videopreneur.in as a video Ideator and now working in Ample Retail Pvt. Ltd. as a DS for Bose in Phoenix Bangalore.

Why read the Book of Swapnesh?

My life has been a pursuit of knowing something. I don’t know why and for what but I know I am in a hurry. There is intensity but stillness inside me and a part of me is always ready to hunt.

So, instead of joining any company, I created my own business. Instead of learning all by myself, read many books and learned about Relationships.

At a very early age, I was just rushing towards the freedom of finance and a happy satisfied relationship.

I always knew what is the best thing to do, Though it might take time; I have always chosen the best.

Then something happened inside our relationship, and despite of trying hard to fix it for 5 months, it did not work. I know it was going to take more time to get things back but by that time I was hit by spirituality.

This was a moment in my life when I did not do anything for months.

In college when all of my friends were busy playing Games and chilling and partying I was someone who focused on his goal of making something and creating something. But now I did not do anything but watch a series and do my sadhana.

I was touched by something that I did not know about and I went more into it.

Instead of doing a lot of things and being busy I just paid attention to life and suddenly things started popping up in front of me. I could see the true nature of everything.

I started getting the answer to most of the “WHYs?”.

And this book is nothing but the answers to the whys. Usually, most people don’t ask it and just live life but if you are one of the people who are interested to know the truth this blog might help you to understand life and lead to freedom.

Why should you Read?

There are a thousand pieces of content in all different formats getting released on the internet and you have already subscribed to enough sources to keep yourself busy, in that scenario, this does not make sense to start reading this as well. But if you have a desire within that I am having.

If there is something that you want to figure out or something that you want to fulfil, this will give you a possibility.

This book is not at all going to be for tricks and techniques that all the other books in the world are giving to you in the name of knowledge. I have no intention to pollute your mind with the garbage that I am having inside my head but I would like to offer you the possibility of realising something, experiencing something beyond sensory perception.