#10 There is something wrong with me!

Is it the sleep?

Today, I woke up early at 3:00 AM and went to the washroom.

Maybe I should have taken a little more rest.

After wasting 30 minutes inside the toilet I came back and went under the blanket again.

Next moment I could hear the sound of the GuruAshtakam that they play to wake up everyone at 4:30 AM every morning.

I went back to the washroom and within 30 minutes I completed everything.

I went down and did my Surya kriya.

I started feeling a little weak.

Is it my internal Existential Energy body?

When I am walking talking and playing with my mobile phone I am not feeling anything.


I am not even sitting and chanting Aun Namah Shivaya for 20 minutes and desperately waiting for that chant to end!

After the chant when the Hatha yoga teacher says, “Nadi Bibhajan”.

The entire body struggles to gather the energy to get into the posture.

The entire Yogasana, I could not give the best of my effort.

Is it water consumption?

Somehow I completed the Yogasanas and went for the Brunch.

Usually, it is not right to consume water right after the food.

One should give a gap of 30 minutes before consuming the water.

Because of water intake, the acid in the stomach gets diluted making the entire digestion process slower.

Not sure how far that is true.


Usually, I forget to consume after 30 minutes of the food.

Today, I reached to Surya Kund Office and forgot to drink water.

My team leader asked me to attained the Sadhanapada Monthly meeting that I had missed because of the linga seva.

I came back rushing and realised I still have some time left.

Then I drank some water and went in and I could not sit for even an hour.

I started feeling heat within my body, a lack of water and energyless.

During Bhakti Sadhana, I came out and it started raining.

Many went in and I was standing there in the rain.

That did help a little to bring energy back but I knew I could not continue.

So, next, they asked to do Balancing Sadhana, it was tough to withstand for 20 minutes.

I put ORS in some water and started drinking it.

Is it Rudraksha?

For the last two days, I was not wearing the Rudraksha Mala because I was conditioning it.

I applied Bibhuti and washed it.

Later I slept for some time and now that I woke up.

I did my Sambhavi.

It was okay.


After Linga Seva, I feel like I have got my throttles all in one direction. Unknowingly the Dhynalinga Fixed them for me.

I could not feel them but slowly when I am looking back on the changes in my I feel I am single-directed and the compulsions are disappearing.

Dimension of Energy System.

If I don’t have the energy to do Sadhana, How come I am walking and doing other kinds of stuff?

There could be different dimensions of the same energy system present inside the body or different energy systems.

Or could it be simply because of the dehydration?

No idea, but this has to be fixed.

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