Should I do it for the sake of people?

From the last Linga Seva, I have lost myself and dissolved a significant part of me.

Whatever I am doing post that is not for me but for the rest of the life around me.

Supporting NSahay, Working in Bose irrespective of all the mess, stayed with Pukale. Not all of them I wanted, but I did everything for them.

No more wishes.

Everything that I had to experience, I experienced.

There is nothing more that I want.

That is one of the reasons why I always give.


The problem with humanity is that, their problems are endless since they are the creators of them.

During this second linga seva and a little bit in the other seva, I did something for others. There was no personal intention yet I did things for the sake of others.

It is always good to do but then people are too closed and self-centric that they see everything with their perspective.

Clearly, they can’t pick their Karma.

Things end.

Everything that began will end someday and people are not at all ready to accept that.

I have tried and failed many times in the past.

Simply to converse it out.

It just does not happen because they are not yet evolved to that extent yet. It is not in their experience.

The world still looks bigger because of that.

I have already got the perspective that includes everything that a human is putting effort to achieve.

Now, here If I go close to people, the same thing would repeat.

Anyway, I don’t make just friends and this time also if I manage to talk to people to the extent that is required, then I am done.

The Grace is On.

The grace of this universe has always been on for me.

I could not figure out things in the middle but after dissolving a significant part of me, the Grace is manifesting things for me.

Because of my all-in nature, life is unfolding in a certain way and that is all creating a difference in my life.

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