How was my BSP Bhavaspandana Experience?

I fely initially, this is all I know.

it is not that I did not experience anything it is that I knew what was happening.

I have been doing that and that is what made me get closer to people.

all those things I used to do with others and that is why they used to feel very loved with me.

it is not something that you may end up doing if you feel overwhelming love within you for the person and despite of everything the do to you, if you stay with them.

I really did not want to make myself a part of this when It happened because it opens up the most vulnerable dimensions within you and generally no body would like to open himself up for unless there is really something very significant.

There was nothing within me which was very significant neither the process with which I was unfamiliar with.

So, it was just okay for me in either way.

But, I felt the way they structured it it is going to make difference within people.

That is what happened hopefully. People were liking the process. And I think very less people become the way I became. Out of something I went on this path and things changed for me lately otherwise I would have been the same as everyone. So, don’t consider you are something different than anyone. It is the most important thing for one to do.

Last two days, were my days.

I had written one pain of my which was not of the past but present and it was so accurate that the last two days of bhavaspandana they were answering bits and pieces of that.

It brought me more intune with the nature the life and made me more human.

Did i experience something out of the world?

No, I experienced what I had already experienced without their help.

But, certainly there was opportunity to deepen the experience.

Still, there was nothing out of the world but everything about this world only.

The program was very successful in that way but the nature of the program is what I see you can’t see, and what you see I can’t see.

Only question is how close you are to the nature?

Because the experience of the past will play significant role in your experience of the BSP

It may happen, this has already happened with me. Believe me. Nothing in this world is repeating, everything is fresh and new.

things will happen that you had gone through but not exactly the same but in a little different way, you have to pay attention to what is new here?

What is that small change here?

Because, nothing happens suddenly. It will be gradually.

But bhavaspandana gives you the advantage of paying attention to the experience consciously.

That if why it is important.

it is nu about experience. It is more about paying attention to the experience.

If you really be with the process, you will not have any out of the world experience but you will realise you have not experienced the world yet in its true form.

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