What really matters to me?

From yesterday to today, there was a fight in the group and it occupied my mind for a long time.

Not feeling excited about the YouTube videos.

Not properly doing the seva that is given.

Talking to Niki or Kahkasa is unnecessary pieces of stuff.

Not going for Pradakshina, not going to temple, not doing sambhavi in a proper way!

What is the point?

Does it really matter to me?

Is YouTube really a part of my seva?

What is there if I am not doing well and planning for games and dance for others what is the point of all of this?

where am I heading towards?

what do I want what is this one supposed to do?

All of these things matter to me but if I keep scattering my energies then it is going to be hard for me to create impact even in one.

Spirituality has to be the only thing.

Now, that you have taken it up

It’s okay.

But, you don’t have time for all. focus on sadhana and the second is seva your youtube is coming under the seva category only, this is nothing but a platform where you are sharing your stories and experiences so that you can record the journey of a yogi to give them the confidence that they want.

Get a proper schedule for and plan what are the things you must do and that is it.

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