Youtube? Why? No more doubts!

Every day I am tangling myself up for finding the reason why am I doing youtube

  1. If I am here at the ashram, I should give myself fully.
  2. Now that I am doing it must mean I am doing this as a seva, not as a source of income.
  3. But if no income is generated why am I doing it without focusing completely on my spiritual growth?
  4. If income is the goal then why am I not doing storytelling which was working already?
  5. If I should I work on that channel then why did I purchase a 45,000 rupees camera?
  6. If I do videos then should I compromise on something else like spirituality?

I am just entangling myself with these thoughts and today I must make sure to sort them out because my mind will keep repeating until I figure out one final thing after the calculation.

I should have given myself completely to spirituality. That is true but I can’t do that all day long. so I must find something else to do.

Now, that I am here in the ashram, I have to do seva the rest of the time as well.

But if I am putting so much effort into them why should not I put in some effort that can create more difference?

This is the illusion.

Either I should not have thought about it because only my growth matters to me.

But if others’ growth matter to me as well then It is fine.

But can you change people?


But still making them aware makes sense.

so then should you go about it intensely or just casually?

Obviously intense and channel growth should also be the concern otherwise what is the point?

Is money the concern?

nope. I am not much bothered about that.

so you don’t want money?

Yes! I do. unless I get Brahmacharya.

then no point thinking about the storytelling channel.

you are only thinking about that because you have grown that to a significant extent.

if you grow this one more than that then you would not be thinking about that anymore.

so what do you need to grow this one to the same as that one?

well, storytelling. do the storytelling as I was planning this morning and speak about the stories of humanity, the beginning, life, enlighten being and their efforts and everything related to that.

speak about something that adds value to your type of content.

so those contents will be official videos and face cams will be unofficial.

But most importantly you must put videos.

because you don’t know which video can get viral. now that you don’t know, you must keep putting videos out and see

You don’t need to judge whether one is good or not your job is to put videos out.

Daily or 2 in a week?

The daily video seems interesting for growth but you must look at your burnout levels. Because this can create no video upload at the end of the day.

So, 2 videos in a week make sense and are ideal for this time.

And as the growth I am seeing it is fair to upload two videos a week.

Now, the question is the videos are getting uploaded and also the thumbnails seem to be good because the CTR is increasing now what should I do about the watch time?

Well, stories.

But stories and facecam videos on the same channel?

That is a big question.

stories have to be minimum

2 in a month.

or maybe 1 in a month.

that would act as the base permanent content for the channel and the rest would work as the supporting content.

but both content must be planned.

one content must be planned until the script and everything and another only the pointers.

If I go for writing the script for all the videos then I might end up burning up.

So, these are the two things that I must work on.

I should not leave any of my sadhana.

Now, if I am creating content and doing the youtube then It must be in the seva time only because that is part of the seva, not sadhana.

Seems very clear to me now.

  1. You must do youtube.
  2. On your seva time not on your sadhana time.
  3. Storytelling does not make sense but spreading spirituality does.
  4. money matters but is not the concern.
  5. storytelling incorporates documentary and facecam videos in proportion once or twice a month.
  6. Storytelling should not include video and edit it in Studio Create.
  7. Facecam on Premier Pro.
  8. Videos must go on time.
  9. facecam over edit not required, consistency required, stories consistency not required but best edit required.

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