#4 My First video had no Audio!

What if I don’t get it?

I was sceptic about the product that I might not get because after I made the payment within some hours it went from 45k to 52k and by the next day it went to 59k.

I thought maybe the seller made a mistake.

2 Days, the product remain in preparation to dispatch and I was worried here.

I talked to customer service at Amazon what if I don’t receive it or what if I receive a refurbished product?

But it came on time and I did experiment with it and it seemed good only.

First video record

I recorded my first video yesterday Sunday.

It was a crowded evening near Adiyogi and the evening sun was about to set.

I recorded one vlog randomly and said anything that came into my mind.

Later as prepared, I recorded a video. But I had one issue.


I connected the Boya M1 to the camera and started recording the video and it went amazing.

I came back and when I was the video, there was no audio.

Because to use the mic with the camera you need to have a battery that I did not have and I have left it back at my place.

Recorded with a Jugad.

Today I went in the morning and recorded the same video with the camera and audio I recorded with my phone.

During the shoot, the video used to get stopped automatically.

I could choose to look into the screen but I look at the lens so that the video should not look bad later.

I had to put a little more effort to create the same piece of content.

I came back later and merge the video and audio.

It was another task. but since I was doing it on a Premier Pro laptop it was a bit easy but the task was too much.

Still, I completed at least the cut edit part.

Now extra effect I should add it later.

Now, that I have recorded it in high resolution, I am going to zoom in and zoom out more and play a little more with the video and expecting it not to reduce the quality.

Seems like Soon I would be editing video on the laptop only because it gives more control and I can use both of my hands on the keyboard and mouse.

Mobile is easy and most of the things are already set up.

That is amazing in terms of editing.

Yet, the premier pro is something I must be familiar with.

But I must say, mobile editing is fun.’

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