#25 Sadhanapada Thread Ceremony: Why did I deny it?

Sceptic Mind

I almost thought I would not go for the Thread ceremony.

But then I just followed what was happening.

I found myself inside Adiyogi Alayam.

I am very sceptic and thought this thread, piercing ears thing I won’t do.

They might give support but not something I need.

When I was there inside Adiyogi Alayam. Sadhguru mentioned that what you will do today, will not be within your logical mind and that is the moment I got a shock.

If he would not said that I would not have taken it the way I received it.

When he mentioned, if you do those things that you understand, then you will only do things that you already know.

But my fundamental reason for coming here is to experience something I don’t know.

He just kept me against myself and that is the best fact about a sceptic person.

He won’t believe but if you turn the argument around he gets defeated by his argument.

And Sadhguru knows how to do it well.

Guru’s Strive

Sadhguru was serious about it when they were giving it, he wanted everyone to make the best use of it.

Because he is infusing his life energy into it, he is infusing himself into everything.

He said, ” It’s a burden handling 1000 people and taking care of them if you are not committed!”

They are giving it all from their side without us asking a single thing about it.

the effort that they put for us so that we should live better but put everything of themselves into the bet and we are the people who are not believing and accept.

That is why it is serious.

My strive

Every day, one must strive.

To enhance that striving there is sadhana, and there is the thread.

Everything is being done for us. so that by the time we go out not only the well-being happens but the fundamental foundations of everyone must transform.

Nothing of the past should remain inside and everyone must become something else.

And I must strive for it too. Everyday. If I forget the very fundamental reason why I am here then what is the use?

So, what should I do?

For now, do Asana Siddhi.

Because that is something I can understand for now.

Even if I wait for my guru to happen, then all he could do is create an environment and shower his energy onto me.

If I am not receptive enough then I will end up killing my guru but it will not happen.

I know I am making conclusions that I am not sure about but what is more important than the guru being with me is, me being receptive.

That is when I can see what I experience.

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