#26 Which is me and Which is not me?

These days, I am working in the office, Recording videos, editing them and following the same pattern.

Yet, the way does not feel repetitive.

Everything is fine but, the Asharam is helping me to meet the real me.

When I was outside of the Ashram I used to hide my true self but here it is coming out.

As I was in my childhood, without any filter as it is.

I am becoming like that.

So, sometimes the hidden frustration comes out and occasionally extreme love.

All this while I kept denying myself that I don’t get angry but here I see some anger coming out of me.

I was not wrong either. This was in the hidden form, a subtler aspect of the Anger.

So, I knew that I have not got rid of them completely but did not know how to do it and here in the Ashram it just started coming out.

So, if things go wrong then it is not the problem but me and my issues.

The situation is the best that it is getting those things out.

The only thing is if I can observe them by standing a little away from them.

Without identifying myself with the body.

Then I will dissolve the karmas.

Till Today, I have never distinguished myself from my body.

Because whatever are our compulsions it is the body which performs it and standing just a little away and being able to observe, I did not have this privilege.

So, I am living intensely and I am very closely observing myself. Yet, there are some times in which I just perform and forget to watch and get entangled as if it is real.

But just by waiting before reacting and without giving any reaction I can just turn those entangling moments into the most conscious moments of my life and dodge the Karma.

It is an Amazing game.

Once I learn to play it consciously, it is obvious that the pleasure and the joy of it will be immeasurable.

It could be possible only for Sadhguru.

However the journey is just started now, and it is yet to pick the pace.

I am happy about the fact that I am not just imagining it, but experiencing it within myself.

It is hard to see everyone other than just a body.

I wish every one attains and when I look at them they must look divine. As Sadhguru says “Walking temples”

Everyone must become undercover yogis and that is the way towards humanity, a happy prosperous life, and liberation here on Earth.

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