#27 When I needed a break!

Life is in Fasttrack

Early in the morning, I woke up and felt I have done it before.

Yes! I woke up yesterday too.

Everything is going fast. The sense of time has shrunk.

The “5 years into the future” has become “Biksha Hall in 5 minutes”.

There is no sense of the world beyond but everything is here and now.

Doing whatever seems necessary.

Youtube Journey

I planned to do YouTube, and I did it also.

But yesterday, I felt a little harsh. So, I must give myself a little break.

I had stopped going for Pradakshina and Dhyanalinga because of YouTube.

So, yesterday I went to Dhyanalinga, and today I went to Pradakshina and Dhyanalinga too.

It is necessary to do what should be done.

I must not forget why I am here.

Brahmachari; no way back.

She is the only Brahmachari who called me by my name.

Yesterday, I saw her wearing knee support, and it made me feel that you need no one when you are young.

That is something everyone takes for granted. Because as you grow old, you feel that need.

They are just living as Brahmachari, which has no perks.

One must manage to live in a certain way.

If you strive consciously, and tirelessly for the rest of your life, then Brahmacharya is for you.

If you will get tired, and ready to get settled with whatever you have or with material things, it is not the path.

Because the day you stop striving you will fall flat on your face.

All you will realise is there is no base under your feet.

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