The Way I Loved her!

The other day I was calling Rachel Akka and Ekta slipped out of my tongue. Whoever came into my life, I did love them with everything. it’s just that people can’t accept that things end. if something is working and going well they wish that to be continued for the rest of their life. But …

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Day3: No clarity.

10:08AM It does not feel good to move to far away from home. And I am still worried that what if they would not give me the opportunity. I know I should not but it is happening to a small extent. It’s been a while I opened. I desparately want to open up. Get my …

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Day 0: 7:44 PM

I am ready to move out. I have ₹2190 in my pocket. Out of which ₹270 I found from the treasure that I had left 10 years back. I usually have plans but today I dont have plan neither have money. I dont know what to do. Where to live. I had booked a movie …

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