How to explain?

Usually you will meet so many stranger and they ask you questions, you ask them to get to know about them.

But the problem with me is that how I approach life is not usual.

If you do anything that is not traditional. Not typical then you would face this too.

Everyone is not conducive enough to grasp or just understand the idea. And they will start opening the conversation of immature and it would go vague.

Which you definitely won’t like.

They would see from their filters and start judging you.

What feels wrong is that they feel good to talk because they are feeling like winning the conversation by putting the arguements.

Yesterday, I met someone and he asked what I want to do in life I said, ” Monk”. he definitely had questions, “why to do so”, ” what about the responsibility towards parents?”

It did not bother me at all the questions. It is obvious for a person yo listen and ask such question.

Then what happened was not good at all.

I went to explain and leave questions just to see how he is understanding. I wanted to change the typicl thoughts by correcting the questions and by bringing clarity.

But whenever I left the question he drove them into different direction.

I was ready to defend all of his thoughts but then the biggest problem happened that I did not have time to explain, and the conversation got opened because I left some questions.

Here is what you need to do to get them know.

Later I feel not good that I could not explain it. But I could understand that how he thinks.

He wanted to take the conversation but I denyed it because he was not ready as a grasp.

I could explain and turn his life into sperituality but I did not have time and I would not like to give so much effort on sothing that is not ready to take.

You can’t deny either!!

If someone ask, you can’t deny because they will not understand.

So, here is what you need to do.

  1. Let them know in one word or sentence not more than than and make sure it is profound.
  2. If the ask question, instead of explaining cross question.
  3. Answer in questions because the quality of your questions determines how you think. A smart person would know it and you won’t have to explain to people who are not ready to listen.
  4. Only in case they are really intrigued and ready to be a learner or disciple or devotee then do give it.
  5. Untill then escape because not everyone is owes an explanation.

But one thing I understood, how real it has gotten for them.

I dont want to ulter their believe system and let them be the way they want to be.

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