Day 01: Bhubaneswar


Reached in the morning around 4:30.

No hurry, no emergency. I stopped at the station and rome back and forth and then went to an souchalay.

I did brush without a toothpest today and let me tell you, the taste is so ugly.


Don’t try this at home.

Encountering a service provider.

I started walking from jaydebvihar towards acharya Vihar and in the middle of the road I saw a guy in a bicycle coming from the front.

Mystreriously he came close to me.

I thought he would be some other guy who sell you hotels there.

But No.

He started over smiling.

First thing is they approach you with such an confidence that you get convinced… This guy knows me.

Maine hi badam nahi khaya!

He went, ” Bhaiya do you need it!”

“No” , I said. without knowing the product. That is an impulsive reaction.

We indian can buy thousands of rupees shit but you sell us anything, only answer is no.

Then he asked where am I going and started giving me his number and said, ” atleast give this no. to your friends if not you!” and I got it.

This is not a hotel.😏

I got it he is providing me service.😯

You could be horney af fuck. But if someone sell you sex. You said no!

Secondly, your horneyness will disappear.

And first if you will freak out.

Suddenly, you become monk. and raise above false, mirrage world.

Anyways, this is not a good product.

This is a kind of thing seller sells and keeps it back.

It is like, someone making you lick an Icecream and keeps it back yet takes the money.

Atleasy icecream taste good.

11:34 AM

Completed watching the movie Brahmastra. It was fire.

I did not liked the too much cliche love story but the action scenes were fab.

But I freaked out when the movie just ended.

I had the plan till the movie after than i had no idea what i am supposed to do.

Can’t stay in sisters place because it is far from station if in case my mind changes neither can ask any friend to stay over.

Going to give direct interview is freaking and my mind also played a little game.

I went and sat down on the bench of the nearby bus stop.

A few minutes pass by and then a friend called and he wanted me to stay with him today and he requested that I should not deny him.

The fact he does not know how desparate I am to get bed for today’s night.

But honestly, facing the life alone and without the flow, creating your own path is hard.

Obviously, everybody wants competent people and I am competent but yet to prove, and proving competent is a hugr task.

But I am glad that Universe found out a way.

That’s not it.

He lives in Nayapalli which is far from here.

I could go there.

But I have to struggle a bit. walk a few kilometer to hind him.

Guess what he says he is coming to Ram mandir for some reason. And Ram mandir is walkable distance from Keshri. ( may be not for everyone but easy for me)

Let the universe unfold.😀


He came an hour later and I ran out of charge on my phone.

I did not grow impatient.

I was feeling sleepy. And every 30 minutes there was a rain. I found a closed stall, saved myself under it.

I did call him thrice yet he did not pick up. I knew he was going through treatment, so I stayed calm and then later I found that some other people are sleeping on that ledge type thing and I took two small naps and then he called and we went back to his room.

I took a bath and took a good nap and felt fresh.

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