#29 Sadhguru’s Birthday In Isha Yoga Center.

Today is Sadhguru’s birthday.

Since the beginning of the morning, it felt like a particular celebration.

The Biksha Hall was decorated beautifully and most of the Ashram too.

Usually, they give brunch by 10 but they did not today and on top of that the Mondraam pirai was providing some food and that is how the day began.

Later there was a show about sadhguru and when I went there I thought why did I come here?

Because it was in Tamil and Bangla.

Because most of the Sevadars are in those languages here in the ashram

Later all the Sevadar were offered food in Biksha hall and the rest of us had to serve I did not go because there were already too many people so I chose to volunteer lol.

keeping jokes apart later when usually Damaru seva come inside SKO they come with two small drums but today the entire carvan came.

they had substantial huge 2-3 drums and it not only let people know that it was time for Soonya they literally created the ambience of dance and a lot of volunteers who were working jumped off and started dancing.

let me remind you this is inside the office.

till the evening there were drum sounds here and there every where.

But the important thing is not the celebration but the reminder that the Guru has a physical body which we should not take for granted.

That is what Sadhguru always reminds people time is limited because today is my birthday tomorrow is yours and the day after tomorrow is someone else’s.

so every day it is someone’s birthday.

For use, we celebrate for no reason but when it comes to Sadhguru he has a timer on and he knows that everything that he can do must happen in this time only because once gone there is no point in coming back if someone gets enlightened and move things forward then that is different but otherwise this no point in coming back.

So, the guru has limited time and we must use it very carefully and we must make sure that if it has to happen the n it must happen within this one because there is no tomorrow.

if you keep postponing things then everything will be postponed and every day seems it be tomorrow, not today.

even if you see today then it is not real because ll you have this moment.

there are no real moments other than this.

so if something has to happen then it must happen right now.

and the moment you say now that moment is gone and it is another moment so that is how fast and small it is so. the strive and everything else must happen.

Now that I am here I must keep myself on track and not give time to the things that do not matter to me I should start reducing what is not needed

like talking and unnecessary movement and getting involved with every either thing.

so, the process has started and now I must remember when it comes to certain people and that is it.

I also thought I must not sleep peacefully. I am allowed to take rest but I must not sleep. because it seems that is my right.

my guru is striving for me to transcend something I would sleep peacefully that should not happen.

if I am willing to try then my guru will come and do everything he can do, and I know what he can do is all he can do. I must ensure that I am the right candidate that he is looking for.

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