Path to Sanyas is clear and one step closer.

Like every Indian parent my parents have same dreams of getting their son a good job and getting him married.

After a lot of struggle my brother got the stable job and got married.

For me as a person who wants to become a monk and completing the responsibilities that are there, this was one of the biggest.

I have no dreams of my own and I am attached to these two persons in my life

So inevitably their load becomes mine.

From the society and reality perspective also this was significant .

I took most of the responsibilities that I could take so that they would feel relaxed.

But once this is done there is no more dreams that are too much significant for them.

This gives me the sense that I have done the maximum that I could have done for them.

I know this is not everything. I also can give them more but there is something more important than just entertaining them that is to find enlightenment.

The knowledge of everything and nothingness.

In order to achieve that one need to leave all the nonsense that they have gathered and once I walk in that path inevitably everything will peeled off of me.

This one also will be gone.

I dont want to come back and dwell between these things but go all the way once I choose to go.

In that perspective this is one step closer to sanyaas and the ultimate for me.

Things getting completed that I have never imagined and I am thankful for everything.

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