#0: Sadhanapada: The Beginning of an Intense Life.

They had chhota hathi facilities.

The moment we got off of the bus there was a volunteer standing before me wearing a Sadhanapada 2023 Id on his neck.

He did ask me, “Sadhanapada?”

I nodded and he asked me to stay aside.

As per their message, I was supposed to go through Kshetra Vasal, which is at a good distance from the Isha bus stand.

I thought I have to drag my trolly all the way to there and carry my stuff.

I was mentally prepared.

But when I reached there were volunteers waiting with a chhota hathi (a car with a cabin) to give lifts.

I mean Isha always tries to help to the extent it is possible. All you got to do is to follow what they say because they know what they are saying.

Check-in process.

Like every other process, Isha knows how to create funnels and that is how they have made this funnel of check-in.

I was given the seva at Biksha Hall.

It is about serving food and doing some other necessary work there.

There were volunteers who helped u.s to carry the bags to the respective rooms we were allocated to.

At the end of the check-in, there was a place where they have put a plank. not a plank in fact it was just a wood to check the balance of a person and they asked me to walk on it and I completed it. it was a good experiment and a good experience too.

Oops… No bed.

When I came back after check-in I found that there are no beds in the room I was allocated.

How is that possible?

Initially, I thought I would take the lower bed because the upper beds are not good in terms of the temperature of the room. you feel a little humid up there.

Because the hot air moves to the top and then remains over there so you feel hotter compared to the lower areas.

But, forget about the lower bed I did not find even the upper one.

So, I came back to the check-in area and told the same and they changed me to a different room.

Now, once I reached the room I did not know where are my luggage.

later they kept it in 203 the old allocated room of me. I went there and picked them up.

Ashram Remains the Same Vibrant

After 8 months, I came back to the ashram.

I entered the Biksha hall, and the moment food was served, I could sell, and something came up that was not in my experience for the last 8 months.

I entered The Dhayanlinga and the smell of the flowers took me back to my linga seva days.

This also proves how much our body remembers, things that we don’t even have count of.

The memory of the body.

But more than these proofs I felt it home. The place where I belong. The place which I need.

I forgot to bring Shampoo.

Now, when I take a bath I cannot feel the hair smooth and if it continues then I will end up shaving my head.

The good thing is I found a shop for all of these.

The prices are usually high here. I have to go and check about that.

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