#1: Sadhanapada : Reviving the Tradition

Have you ever imagined how would it feel to feel 1000 people?

Of course not with your money!

I am just talking about proper serving. And serving does not only mean putting food on the plate!

I had my seva at Biksha Hall.

I called Anna who was in charge and he suggested I go to Biksha Hall.

Once I reached there there were activities going on.

Akshaya kitchen prepared food for thousands of volunteers and visitors.

We started putting the mats. those were 50 feet long. Put the plate and glasses and then brought the serving buckets and waited.

That’s it?

No way…!

But the perfection with which we followed the tradition shows how we are reviving the years-old scientific Indian culture.

  • Mats should be straight.
  • The plate should be in an equal distance and it should be uniform.
  • The plate should be 1 finger away from the mat.
  • The glass should be kept on the left of the plate and in the middle touched to the plate.
  • Serving buckets should be kept in the order of moving.
  • They should be kept as pair and organised.
  • There are items which would be going before the invocation and some items which would be going after the invocation.

When I saw it after the preparation. The entire thing looked different together.

All the mats and plates glasses were in order from any direction you see, you see a straight line.

That is why even after years they do it efficiently and perfectly.

When volunteers work untouched and volunteers and visitors eat with a sense of gratitude the serving becomes worth it.

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