#2: Sadhanapada: Orientation of Transformation.

Adiyogi Alayam

On the 23rd they told us to come to Adiyogi Alayam and stay there for 7 days and deposit the phone.

A place where I always wanted to go.

A huge hall can accommodate 10,000 people sitting and is made without a single pillar.

Usually, programs like Samyama and hata yoga teacher training happen there and the hall is consecrated by Sadhguru with Adi yogi linga.

When something like this happens I enjoy them a lot.

Because I have no attachment with my phone or anything.


On the first day of depositing the phones, they asked some participants to volunteer for the same. But I was not there with them but when the time came I put myself ahead and became a part of the volunteer who made this process easy for others.

That gave me a sense of fulfilment.

Usually, people are so eager and interested to do volunteering that they just jump in.

When so many people come in for a small thing it becomes overcrowded, and again if many people want to work on something I choose to volunteer to not do it so that they get the opportunity.

Usually, it happens that most people do the interesting part of the volunteering but not the ugly part and I keep myself available for that.

What did I receive in the program?

7 days with a jam-packed schedule.

  • About the ashram, every tiny aspect of it.
  • About the food.
  • Health
  • Guidelines
  • Pradakshina
  • Yogasana
  • Surya Kriya
  • Inner Engineering
  • Bhakti Sadhana…

What I Really wanted?

I had no intention of the fireworks.

This experience that experience is not the thing for me because I want the ultimate and I will not be settled for anything less than that.

If I am getting a glimpse of that then it’s not the thing that I want. It should yield.

But at the same time, it is not something that you can go hard about it and achieve.

It is achieved when you do nothing and be nothing.

Slowly when the layers of identity and the compulsions peel you come out.

It is always there the only concern is to get it naked.

Now, to prepare, what one can do is sadhana.

Hatha Yoga, Kriyas and complete devotion.

  • Hathyoga to prepare for the body to become receptive.
  • Kriyas to get your energies aligned and…
  • Devotion is for complete dissolution.

Apart from that nothing else I wanted or will ever want.

The schedule for life.

During the 7 days of this orientation, they ensure to get most of the distraction which is the phone.

Once it is gone they condition you so that you go intense towards spirituality.

During these 7 months, they want to ensure that no one gets any chance to see something called break or off.

Every minute and second they are filled with work.

Sadhguru ensured that everyone remains occupied.

I wanted the exact same schedule because it brings certain intensity.

Last time during linga seva I felt the same where I did not see the past whether I am losing something or seeing the future that I will be getting something or not. The entire focus was to live and do what was important next.

There is something that one can do and there is something for which one can get a little support, so this is the support which in the end turns out to be an inherent part of one’s existence.

Rekindle the fire!

The orientation ended with Gupuja and I cried like a baby because I have realised my ignorance and the importance of him.

How desperate I am to know the truth and seek his grace.

Now being a guru to millions of people he cant attain all of them which I can understand so I need to prepare myself so that whenever he physically appears I will be ready.

  • The intensity was brought back.
  • The tools were given.
  • Rekindle the fire

How to keep it alive and how to burn myself with it will determine how far will I go in this lifetime.

Feeling a little exhausted.

I was here to intensify my sadhana and go to deeper dimensions of spirituality.

But after these 7 days of tight schedule, I am just putting myself in the place where they want me to be and the time is rolling away.

I am doing nothing but it is happening.

What I imagined myself to be is not the same when the time comes.

There are still compulsions but this is the opportunity to get over them.

I will make sure to put myself entirely into it. And I know the best will happen.

The exhaustion is at the physical level and once the night pass, I will be energized again for another day.

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