#3 Sadhnapada: What seva they want from you?

My part of Seva?

I had no clarity till now.

But I knew I was going to be given some work very soon for sure.

I was really tired and my entire body was aching.

After my sadhana and Brunch in the morning I choose to take some rest and put my phone to charge.

Later when I got it back I saw that there was a Miss call.

I checked it in Truecaller and found that it was some Isha volunteer.

I called back and there was a girl on the other side.

I talked to her and she said, “You have a meeting near Surya kund mandapam at 1:30Pm

I went there quite early and there I waited for 1 hour and later akka said you have to go to Shiva Padam 2.

Now, Shivapadam 2 is in front of our stay area but I went walking for 2 kilometres.

Somehow I came back and met Sagar Anna.

Till now also I have no idea about the department in which I will be working forget about the task.

Four of us were there and Anna talked to each one of us one by one.

I was second in the list.

When he went with first Anna it was a bit scary for me because for a moment it felt like normal interview.

Then I consciously made myself relaxed thinking here there are no such rules.

So, I remain calm and Anna came back and we started having a conversation.

He first shared about his life experience and how he came in to full time at Isha.

Then I shared my entire journey based on the work that I would be doing.

Later he said, ” I will let you know by evening”

Evening Sadhana.

Came back and after waiting for some time went to do Surya Kriya and Pradakshina.

After that I sat for Sadhguru presence time.

One weird thing, You don’t always find water here at Kondrai, so to take evening shower I went to Adiyogi Alayam.

Seva is not extraction of work.

One aspect of seva is to give you something to work.

Imagine if I give you all the time to do sadhana and food at the right time.

You will get bored.

Now you are given some task and right amount of time to do sadhana there will be a slight stretch from here and there.

On top of that if there is some personal issue then it is the right combination of an environment.

Because that is what you face out side.

That is going to be my schedule for next 8 months.

They have 105+ departments in which you can do seva. In which ever field you might belong to they definitely has something for you.


Now, I received a message that I will be working with e media team and I am asked to report tomorrow 11:30pm at same Surya kund mandapam office area.

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