Will you be Playing Games or doing Seva During Sadhanapada?

Your Name and Favorite dish.

You tell me your name and followed with your favourite dish.

The second person in the circle will speak your name favourite dish and then his name and favourite dish.

This will continue through the circle.

This was our first meeting with our media team.

This went well.

We played a few more games like ” 7 Up” and “Guessing the Sentence”.

This confirms that I would be working in E-Media only.

Going through tough times.

Sagar Anna was constantly telling about the tough times that one might face during the seva by giving various examples but he wanted everyone to share and find out the solutions together.

He tried to give assurance that he will be supportive in every aspect of this entire 7 months journey.

Because there have been times in the past that people have left because of various reasons.

I am sure about myself that the journey that I will be going through I am going to enjoy it more.

The tough things only bring satisfaction at the end but the fact is that I have gone ahead of all of these.

And some parts of me that have not crossed these limits will also get liberated with just a little bit of attention and awareness.

Dragged by the compulsions

There were some compulsions are still dragging me back without letting me hold it within and burn.

Every energy, whatever form it is in, it should never be released like that. It should be kept within and directed towards up that is the only goal.

By avoiding people, by avoiding phones, by avoiding situations we can’t improve things. These are the ways to escape but for how long?

Are you here to experience or escape?

Live or dodge life?

This clarifies the intention.

I tried to avoid and escape but they found their way to hit me.

So the only way I can think of right now to overcome any compulsions is by being aware of the situation and carefully taking decisions.

The Purnima Moon.

Your body is 70% water and during the Full moon, the waves of the ocean get bigger. What do you think what happens to the water within you?

Definitely, it gets influenced by the full moon.

Tomorrow is Guru Purnima and when I was coming back from the Biksha hall I saw the moon a day before Purnima.

It looked big.

I waited there staring at it.

Because it is not just an art piece but a big ball that is floating in space without any wire.

It looks like a circle but it is a sphere.

The light was so intense that it almost was looking like a day.

I reminded myself that this light is of the sun and imagined the sun on the other side of the planet and a small glimpse of the motion position of the planet appeared in my mind.

This glimpse made me realise how vast is the universe and that the existence of me with respect to it is nothing.

Existence is one in Infinite.

if you add 1 in infinity it remains infinity and if you subtract 1 from infinity it still remains infinity.

here I was standing at the Chamundi Parsala and was wondering about all of these and standing there whichever conversation I heard from people walking by gave me a sense of worthlessness.

Everything that you are thinking is important, all of your dreams and desires, what you think of yourself, what you think about others, what others think about you, what work you do, what relationship you have all of them are nothing when compared to infinite.

There is no question of making anything important because life does not start from me but from the darkness of the infinite universe.

Which is fun and which is work?

To have fun also we need to do something.

the work that was fun because of some people who made it so.

Any fun game can be made serious enough that you will not enjoy it. And any serious issue can be taken lightly that you can simply surf on it.

The nature of work has something to do with how you approach it, yet if you want to choose then you can be conscious enough to glide over the knife as well.

To answer the question of whether it will be seva or fun then My effort would always going to be involving myself completely in to the process and dying into it, and once I lose myself there are no feelings of good or bad.

I have already dissolved enough just a bit more and that’s it.

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