Sexting: My confusion between Discipline or Karma!!

I felt like sexting her. But I am not sure whether I should do it or not. In one way if I am avoiding something means I am avoiding life. On the other way it doesn’t seem right either.

The karma says, you are allowed to anything but if you supress your emotions that will be counted as a karma. You can ride the wave but not allowed to fight against it.

This makes me text her and talk dirty.

But then the word discipline come into picture.

It seemed very confusing to me and for indefinite period of time I kept doing what I felt I should do in that moment and I always choose the indisciplined path.

Today I felt the same but I did not choose to text. I do feel that pain within me to text her and talk dirty. It would feel amazing. You should not hide or amrun away from your feelings.

Well, the truth the emotion of texting her comes from a compulsive desparate desire of sexting.

Just by becoming conscious I can avoid the karma.

Because by doing it I am not really riding the wave but entangling myself into it more.

This desire would come back one in a while and not only this one many like this. But the only solution is to be conscious and stay conscious and everything will pass. Consciousness is like a pillar in the middle of the river which is so strongly rooted that no flood shakes it.

You don’t ride the wave neither you resist it. You remain stable at your own place and things happen as it supposed to be.

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