When India Vs Pakistan does not mean anything to you!

Cricket is Religion.

Being born in a cricket-loving country like India, and years old rivalry of Ind Vs Pak you can’t avoid the t20 match.

But when you reach a certain stage in life where you can see things clearly.

  • Cricket is not an emotion but a business.
  • They cost you valuable time.
  • Winning of India or losing in it nowhere impacts your life anyway.
  • You watch Ind vs Pak because people have hyped it.

You move from cluster to clarity.

Everything can’t matter in your life.

Life is not big enough to put your mind into everything. Whatever you have discovered is enough. Now it’s time to move on.

I, as a Cricket Lover.

I enjoy playing cricket more than watching and cheering from outside.

I enjoy conducting games more than playing by myself.

If I can do none, I am always out.

Cricket is being overhyped by businesses so that it can get more attention. And very early in my life I get bored and stopped watching it.

Today, I conducted a live session after so many weeks. I thought no male would come but definitely, a few came unexpectedly. These are the people who realised, it’s just a match.

The live session.

I hosted the session and I saved myself from the trap of an overhyped cricket match despite a strong pull towards it.

The session went for 2 hours and as always ended with a money conversation.

Humans are stuck.

I am a little disappointed about people that…

  • Money is the primary conversation always.
  • Everyone is chasing Happiness.

Whereas life is neglected completely.

Now, when I listen to their answer, they made me feel they have figured out a way to live.

It made me feel suffocated that how can you live life in a tunnel when you have entire nature open for you?

If there is anything that we need to understand from here, that should be the fundamentals of life.

Tricks or techniques of earning money are too much until one has not figured out life itself.

Being alive has nothing for the human being whereas this is the most fantastic thing. One can wonder how is this happened for their entire life but people are so much caught up with their drama that they are skipping life.

What I can see is a never-ending chase for money and happiness.

It’s a treadmill that would never end.

Final words

In my vision, it’s not the right time to play in a materialistic world unless you have a sense of freedom from the attachment.

And when you will be free, suddenly the most anticipated cricket match in the world will mean nothing to you.


– Swapnesh.

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