How to have more money and more happiness?

This is a western thinking style.

I have not seen anyone having both and balanced at the same time. One thing that we have to understand is that everything we ever want is because we have seen someone with that.

Would you wish the same if you were the first human on the planet?

Well, NO.

Forget about being the first animal on the planet, if you were born a century ago you would not want the same thing that you want today.

One thing that is clearly observable is that the outer world is changing and with respect to time we want things, not because we really need them but because of the pure exploring of the unexperienced behaviour of human beings.

But the fact that we need to understand over here is human as an animal is not changing. What we needed to survive yesterday we still need it. Somewhere the comfort level has increased significantly, but life has not improved at all.

When I am saying life I am referring to you. You are not just a body. You are life.

Understanding the fundamentals

Money is a material thing. Happiness is not material, the dimension is completely different, let’s call this dimension “life“.

When you want to gather material the best possible way is to go and grab a bunch of them. Now, that will be stealing if we do so. Hence, we need to go through some different paths. Now, happiness is not material, so you can’t just grab it from somewhere. To be happy you need to understand the fundamentals of life.


The confusion is…

  • People ask questions about how to lift tons of weight and still won’t feel the load. You won’t.
  • Neither you can ask how to extract happiness out of the work, there is no answer to that.

If it is material then you need to lift it on your shoulder and it will hurt certainly.

The material world is not made up of happiness, there is no such metal in the entire periodic table.

Does not matter what job you are doing you can’t expect that job to give you satisfaction. The job is something that you love. Or you are doing it because it is your passion. In any way, you will find it difficult, and at a certain point, you will find it frustrating.


I would like to draw your attention to such a silly expectation we have.

That we are expecting the job to be fun. How could it be? The job is a job. It is people who make it fun. if someone is miserable no matter which job you may give they will make it miserable. if there are some cheerful people you will see everything in this world is effortless.

I am saying it again, it is not the job’s work to be interesting, it is our job to be interested.

The job is not easy but he made it look cool. Isn’t it?

So you are going to extract happiness from a job is a completely wrong approach because the fundamentals do not support this fact.

Life is a thing to ‘be’.

Seeing the difference will liberate you, and you will start feeling the difference.

Happiness is not a thing that you extract from something or you achieve through something, it is a way of being. When you are alive, naturally you are blissful, everything in this world is colourful, no work is better or worse, everything is enjoyable.

It is better for us to be ‘life’ than live ‘life’. because living life seems like we are riding a horse, and the world wants us to ride it better. It is always about being because you are a life. And that is why humans are the only animal on the planet who is also called “Human Being“.

– Swapnesh

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