How frigile is your life?

The heart that is beating inside us is so fragile that with a small temper with it, it will shut itself down.

The breath is so fragile that just one missing breath and we are no more.

Still, we have a weird conviction that I am not going tomorrow.

Another thing you may find weird is that we all have 5 years, 10 years of plans. Some of us has planned out our entire life including retirement.

No wonder I was one of them.

What if I die tomorrow?

God forbid, but if I die tomorrow, how painful it would be?

Not because death is painful. No, it’s painless. Everyone dies effortlessly. It is the final moment, a few seconds before death is painful.

When all of your dreams and desires flash in front of your eyes and you realise you have accomplished nothing.

It is the situation in your life when you are filled with regrets and nothings matter to you at the same time.

I am not saying having dreams and desires is not good. But you must be able to separate life from all of this.

In every single instance, you must have a sense of detachment.

The work that you are doing, the game that you are playing, and the people that you are having around you, are not real.

It is a real-life VR.

You remember when you put on the VR box everything is real but when you put it off everything disappears.

But even when you are playing with full involvement you have a sense of realisation that it is not real.

Once you have that realisation even when the real life goes away, you will simply feel as if the VR box from your eyes is removed.

It will be very effortless and you will have no regrets.

A man who was dying every day.

There was a middle-aged man who fell ill. He was a poor man and did not have enough money to do the necessary treatment.

Doctors said that he has a maximum of 2 weeks on hand.

In those 2 weeks, he lived well, but when the days kept nearing to 2nd week he started accepting it.

Every single day he would think that at any moment he could go.

Every night he sleeps feeling he would not see the next morning.

This happened for 4 months.

He became fine and later started selling vegetables in the local market.

But something amazing happened to him. He became enlightened. He died every single day in his mind and got life the next day.

This acceptance of death made him realise that does not matter whether someone is in hospital in his 70s or someone just born, everyone is dying.

With every second ticking life is ticking away making us closer and closer to our death.

That man was poor but never suffered his life afterwards.

That is the realisation I want all of us to have.

With love❤️

– Swapnesh

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