Why the fundamental mindset is necessary for your success?

What is mindset?

Imagine one day you went to bed at night and the next day you woke up and see a completely different environment.

You are inside a huge stadium full of people.

There are a few people wearing a certain type of clothes and behaving in a certain way.

Suddenly, you realise that you are in a game as a part of it.

You look at the ground and you see the black and white checkboxes.

You realise it is a certain game of huge scale.

1000s of people are part of it and you see some people are dying and some people are succeeding.

Learning the Rules.

The next thing you do is follow the successful people who are doing well.

But unless you understand the rules of the game, very high possibility that you may be stuck at a place after which you may find it difficult to move ahead.

Now the rule that you learn to play the game not to win the game is the Mindset.

The life we are living is nothing but a game on a large scale.

Money is material, it is not achieved by the most intelligent players but the players who know the rules and use them in their favour and live give them the best.

Play to have fun.

I repeat, we need to keep in mind that the rules are to play not to win.

However, if you play your best, you will certainly get the best. The only factor is time. How soon or how late?

Following people’s paths can lead you to success but only one person. if you shuffle and try to follow more than one person, you will be confused and stuck in the middle.

That is not the worst thing.

The worst thing is even if you win you will miss the juice of playing the game.

It is not always intelligent to follow the path because you want the results to be in your favour but to have fun while playing.

Anyway, you reach the End.

There are so many people graduating college every year and definitely, some of them come out with an overwhelming amount of memory and some come out with nothing.

Similarly, there are so many people leaving the world every single day some of them live their life and some of them just struggled.

Before you follow someone’s path, can I request you to make your own? Understand the fundamentals instead of the tricks to success.

I am very sure that if you play well, you will reach the end so soon with a huge success that you would never dream of.

So, would you like to find out the mindset (rules) that you need to play this game wonderfully?

Always remember to play it like a game.

What do you need to understand?

My suggestion would be

  1. Instead of following the paths of successful people in this game… ask them for their mindset…
  2. You will see some of them have figured out some mindset and some of them figured out the tricks to success.
  3. Pick the mindset and leave the tricks because you can make those by yourself because the circumstances will be different from them.
  4. Now, pick the mindset that is liberating, that is working for you.
  5. When you play at ease, you definitely enjoy the game. The end is not important because everyone is going to reach it anyway.
  6. If you play well, you will die well.

My wish you get a long life full of fun.


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