Runanubandha – Residual impact of karma.

What is Runanubandha?

Put your earphones on for 15 minutes and listen to a song in the loop and after 15 minutes, remove them and do something else.

You will see the song is still playing in your mind.

This is nothing but the residual impact of that karma (listening to the song).

whatever you do, big or small, they all have a residual impact on you.

All the cells in your body, neurons in your brain and the energy that you carry remember the memory.

Everything you touch, everything you taste, what you wear and whom you came in contact with always has a residual impact on you.

That is one of the reasons why yogi doesn’t like to wear even clothes, the clothes are only for social reason.

This is significant and experiential too. The fact is this is very subtle to observe but very strong to create a compulsive cycle.

Why is this very disturbing?

Imagine you wear a white kurta and went to play holi.

when two to three colour falls on your kurta it looks beautiful. But when everyone comes and starts leaving their colour on your kurta it becomes messy.

That is exactly what happens with your life energies. If you carefully put some colour into your life it becomes really beautiful and bliss if not being careful about this, very easy to destroy it.

The unfortunate thing is that before we understand this, we have already messed with our life with thousands of imprints of thousands of different things.

Extra marital affair.

If you have ever experienced it, sex is an amazing thing, is not it?

Now, to have it more, people sometimes do extramarital affairs, some people do it while in the relationship, and the rest just chat and flirt, but so many of us go through this.

A thing like sex demands a significant amount of involvement, so the residual impact is too large.

If you ever do it, this is what is going to happen to you, and if you have done it ever, verify whether it is right or not!

The affair becomes anxiety after some time. And once you are caught, for the next 6 months you will remain in pain from any one side of the relationship.

Runanubandha gets out.

As a dirty dress, your life also tries to cleanse itself and that is the moment you start experiencing the pain.

The more you get involved in something, the stronger its residual impact remains in your life energies and is much more painful when it is removed.

If you have ever been through a break up you can relate to the above sentence.

I have had relationships in the past, some were for very less time and some were for a very long time.

I was not the kind of person who would cry for a girl, but in the last two relationships, I have been through severe pain.

One relationship was a long one and another was a short one but the involvement of the shorter one was so intense that I am still regretting my actions even after 7 years.

When these residual imprints get out it feels like someone is tearing your soul apart.

Over time the imprint feels like merged with your soul and when it all gets over, your soul has to peel off the outer layer as if the skin of your body.

This is a terrible pain but while you are living it, you also have the potential to suffer it peacefully. Usually, you can see the severity of the pain later when it was over.

Why do not get attached?

It is important for you to be aware of what you are doing so that you can discriminate between your life and work, and do everything joyfully without getting attached.

Usually, if we do anything forcefully, or unwillingly it is more likely to take place in our minds.

When it gets into our mind, it will play itself several times making us anxious, and every single thought will leave some residual impact on our soul.

Whereas when we do anything joyfully we lose track of everything; the time, the experience, other problems that we have and it feels liberating

There is nothing like good karma or bad karma.

Karma can be divided into liberating and entangling.

Again, it is not what you do matters but how you do matters more.

As we have discussed when you are joyful you lose track of time, the experience, or other problems you have, it feels like everything just evaporates.

Now, if nothing remains in our minds and everything we experience in real-time, that leaves no impact on the soul.

So, does that mean one can kill joyfully and won’t have any impact on its soul?

Technically that is possible but a karma-like killing is itself so entangling that everyone is not capable but it is possible.

  • let’s get one step more and see what can really happen.
  • If one is killing someone, it means that the killer is angry with him.
  • Now, Anger itself is an entangling thing because when you get angry it revolves in your mind.
  • So, in that case, it is impossible to do such work joyfully and can’t get entangled.
  • However, if you have no personal anger, you are blissful yet if you kill someone for the greater good then that might not impact your soul as Gods do.
  • Even when Shree Ram killed Ravan he utter the word. “I am not killing the Enemy, I am killing the Ahankaar (Ego).”
  • He did have a personal issue but he did not kill out of anger but the karma (demand of the situation). The same goes for Arjuna because Krisna taught him the same.

What can a Working professional do to not get attached?

Every single pain that you are expressing towards your work, is having an impact on your life.

Every single hatred that you are having in your mind towards a co-worker or your relationship does have an impact on your life.

Especially, negative ones have a really bad impact because they stick and good one evaporates.

Don’t believe me. Just don’t get entangled and don’t get attached to a lot of things and focus on fewer things and do them lovingly.

And see if you won’t feel liberated…


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