Last one to discover?

Education, Sports, dance, song, poetry, writing, guitar, youtube, blogging, digital marketing, storytelling, public speaking, Investing, video editing, and then starting up own business.

So far explored all of these fields but the traditional life wants a career in any one, and deep enough to give tons of money.

Earned my own money, had sex couple of times, travelled solo in motorcycle and lived in an advanced city.

What else remains i am sure almost has similar feeling.

I am in a weird feeling of living a settled life.

Imagine you live for a thousand years. Certainly you would not achive everything in one life time but in 1000 years you can achieve everything.

Here is my question…

What is next?

Well, I don’t know about you but I would sit. Just sit without moving. If anybody come seeking something I would share everything possible.

I deeply feel an attraction towards yoga and sannyas.

Yes, mind can mess sometimes that i may be missing out on something but i know for sure, wherever I go, whatever I do, i will come back to sit in silence.

Seems like this is the right time to move to an ashram and see if there is anything to explore.

I do have a good feeling that there is something waiting for me. But it is going to take my test.

Working from home.

Initially, I thought i would be working from home so that my parents won’t have to miss me.

But now seems like i am going to give myself up for this world.

I dont know what to create, I dont know what to build, there is no pain or fear of suffring, no greed neither any attachments.

Just need to be a yogi experientially and that’s it.

I did have a feeling that I was going to be a yogi, since the beginning i walked upon a different path, a path that i created for myself.

If living is the objective of life then i will live. Take the path that wants me to walk upon it.

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