How to adapt to loneliness?

The problem for me is to get adapt to every situation life throws at me.

As far as I can understand we all are capable of that, yet some of us live our lives in a certain way that we face difficulties in doing that.

But never mind.

In this post, I will share with you how to remain sane by doing nothing.

My story

Because of some reason I am not yet having a full-time job.

Living in a place where I don’t often go out.

And it is been 2.5 years now and the last 5 months in a row.

The fear, anxiety, and loneliness are so strong that it is really hard to not get affected by them.

I must tell you this!

Even if you are having a settled life financially, having a spouse, everything’s going good the fear, anxiety and loneliness find their way to you.

There will be so many times when 1000s of people would be around you, yet you would be feeling lonely.

There will be times when you have money, yet you will be so scared to spend it.

There will be times everything would be fine, yet some thoughts from the future would be giving you enormous pressure.

This can be applied there as well.

How to stay sane?

Yes! It is possible.

Nature has not left you alone.

If you just see around there are so many gadgets that would make you wonder, how is this possible?

If you are outside you would notice that every leaf in a tree is unique.

These facts themselves give so much content to wonder about.

It is just a matter of attention and observation and being interested.

If you would choose this is interesting and this is not there is no cure for that.

if you are willing then wherever you go the world follows you. even if you are in a prison cell you have YOU. And you really know very less about yourself. if you are willing that would be a huge opportunity.

No time to feel lonely.

Some hacks for enhanced Experience.

1. Sit with spine straight.

Just sit this way for a minimum of 10 minutes every hour.

You will notice significant energy in your body.

You will feel active and more alive.

But never do the opposite like laying on the couch like a potato. That is not at all good for the body or the mind.

Sitting straight helps you so much because our body is made in a certain way and it works best when you use it as it is prescribed.

Sitting with your spine straight is a geometry that your body is naturally built for.

2. Chant a name.

The biggest problem is to shut the mind.

It is impossible because the mind is made to think, yet if you find a way to focus on something your mind won’t bother much.

Easy to understand.

Imagine any work that you do intensely. let’s say football.

It is hard to think about so many things on the football field.

Any physical work for that matter resists you to think more.

Now, that you are not doing anything physically, do something mentally, and it works equally.

Chanting a name helps you not to overthink and removes all the negative outcomes that you would eventually manifest because of the strong thoughts that you create in your mind.

I chant “Shiva”

3. Do a fast.

An amazing hack. If you are not feeling good in mind, I think you could choose to do it.

Don’t know about medical science but it works wonderfully for me. An empty stomach makes me feel more alive. The fact that no complex process is going on inside your stomach to digest the food is observable, on top of that you will feel the energy consumption.

Even if you don’t believe it, it is worth a try.

Now, even if you are healthy and everything is fine still you must do Ekadasi fasting.

Twice a month.

This is proven scientifically to be good for your health.

A piece of free advice.

Don’t take life dead serious.

If I remove the fear of death and fear of going broke now, suddenly you will feel magically free.

You may say, “…but I need money”.

Yes, you do, but let’s look at it in this way…

Remember, when you were a kid you never needed money, you just wanted a bunch of friends.

All day you would be playing and that was fantastic.

You just need the same now.

A bunch of friends.

However, the game might not be the same, you would like to play a different game.

Find a game you want to play I am sure we can do business out of it.

If not, we can live stream that and people are ready to watch such content on social media.

The only thing is you need to enjoy it to the fullest, not a per cent less. Inner you must come out.

Let’s just focus on living.


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