Your Spiritual Journey

You believe it or not, it does not matter but if you are a spiritual being the reality won’t change.

Right now, as the world is running behind spiritual enlightenment, I am sure I have not achieved that but still, I could see something that is beyond normal people’s eyes.

It is really hard for me to speak to people because all of them are smart.

The life that we are living is nothing less than a circus. People have created their world and are living with the friction in life. Life has no goal, You have no purpose. It is just to live. It should be smooth and frictionless.

The major friction is caused by the attachments.

It could be living or non-living. but because of these attachments and compulsiveness, people have been stuck in a never-ending cycle. What is even scarier is that people are entangling themselves more and more.

The basic want of life is to be free. and that is what I have chased my whole life after.

I did not join another college because I did not want to feel that bondage, I did not do a typical job because I did not want to get stuck under someone. I don’t know whether the decision was right or wrong but what I know is that it lead me to a deep realisation of life. Because when you are inside the typical living, it is hard to see that you have been tied up. Even if you see it, you may deny it because people don’t like to confront everything.

Yes! logically it can be explained!

But before that, you have to come out of every compulsive cycle, discard all of your beliefs and enlarge your vision. your intellect is capable enough to see it very clearly.

Let me put some questions and based on that we can have an idea.

what people are pursuing massively these days?

a. Success ( material ) b. Happiness

Have anyone got it?

When you can see that there is no line of success and you are pursuing joyfulness than happiness, it will be very clear that you are at the path is not accurate. Because the traditional path is in cycles.

You try hard till your last breath but you will not be able to reach to the destination because there is always more success possible and happiness is just a spike of dopamine.

You are looking for something eternal.

Just ask these questions:

  • Once you earn too much money, what’s after that?
  • Once you had too much sex, what’s after that?
  • Once you travelled the entire earth, what’s after that?

Physically if you have everything, what is next? You may try to have more and more and more but your thirst for you will not end. Physically it is anyway impossible to achieve everything.

So, If physically it is not possible can we give a try to spiritual and understand what these Yogi, Rishi, and Muni have been doing for thousands of years.

You may say, ” but money is important”. I wish I could deny that fact. but still, I don’t chase after money because I don’t have any material wishes. but ” what if I need it urgently?” I may need it in medical conditions. That is the only worry of me. but if it is about me only then I am living till 40 years of my age with very less illness is true.

This can be tackled in various ways… 1. earn more money 2. have passive income 3. never get ill 4. Become nirvana kaya 5. learn to level your body.

The last three processes are spiritual processes. and much better than the first two. because with money you can postpone death but can’t avoid it. there will be time or could be a disease that will not be cured even if you have money and minor disease can easily be cured without too much money.

Money is very important. However, if you are going on the real yogic path. your body can be taken care of through deep sadhana.

but before believing that this is possible through sadhana, I would like you to question yourself

  • What these Yogi, Muni, and Rishis have been doing for ages?
  • Is it true that they can re-construct their body?
  • Is it true that they can leave their body consciously?
  • Is it really that they are living a much cooler life than a Celebrety?

That’s just to satisfy the intellect because talks beyond that it will deny because of not having enough substantial evidence but when talking about the possibility, the intellect can never deny this unless you are a sinic.

Why am I choosing Sannyas?

I know most people are gonna ask me. because they somewhere feel I have been brainwashed and made fooled by someone. and that is true. I got brainwashed and I am feeling very fool now. the only thing that is important was I was conscious when I got brainwashed. It was really dirty and cluttered and I let it wash at once, I did not resist the possibility and now my pursuit is in one direction.

I happened to imagine living with one girl for my whole life. it made me feel that that one girl would run here and there and I have to control through a rope, where my life energy made me feel like I am sitting very silently without moving. This would create a lot of disturbance in my sadhana.

I am willing to pull the rope if you are going in the wrong direction but I can’t tie myself with the rope because if you choose that direction I will not resist it. people who are not ready to dissolve, it is really hard to help them. and that is completely fine.

Because in order to choose the right thing you sometimes have to hit and trial. It’s better that you go for everything and when you won’t find what exactly you want you will choose YOGA.

That is one of the reasons Maharshi Patanjali when writing yoga sutras, the first sentence remains a half “…AND NOW YOGA”

He was expecting that you try everything and then joump into yoga and then see. I found myself to be experienced everything. Now that does not literally mean every material. Which is anyway not possible. but I have experienced enough things that I can feel how it will be even before achieving it.

when you will understand life is more experiential than intellectual you live it to the fullest. Right now most people are living their lives in their heads. Endless thoughts and emotions are just going on making them sick. Even if it is pleasure it is again there in the mind.

You must have experienced this many times when you plan for some certain trip you are more happy than when you are on the trip.

The path of sannyasa is not to say no to the world but to say yes to the world. In fact, people living in samsara are avoiding the world. They are avoiding nature, there are avoiding the people they are avoiding everything that makes them uncomfortable. The path of Sannyas is to embrace everything that life gives you. and everything that life will give if for the good for you. life is not designed to make you suffer life. It is people who are doing it because they fail to understand the fundamentals of it.

Right now I have tied myself with 2 strong ropes and one mild rope

My both parents and the third is money.

However, looking at it from the perspective of spirituality we all have our karmic allotment. We come with that from the previous life. In that sense, all of us are individual beings.

This might be difficult to digest through intellectual minds band that is fine anyway there is no scientific evidence that can prove you something but I must tell you this. The science that you are using to validate everything in this nature is born within the last a 100 years. but spirituality has been here for 1000s of years.

One thing is 100% sure that whoever made this world must not have sat and applied newtons law to make it.

How to know the source?

Imagine you made a game in a beautiful environment. do you think they would know you through the pursuit of their physical world? In fact, you have not built that to the best of your imagination. No matter how better that AI is it can’t be able to understand you. However, if they start looking inside the 0s and 1s. How they have been built. They may do some changes here and there.

Imagining this is the physical world, you will find there is always a dead end and nothing beyond.

That is why I am going inward to explore a little bit. I am 100% sure that I am not missing anything. I know I have no regret about getting married, I have no regret about not having a big house or a car. These things are nothing but bondage for me. What you may think I am missing is actually I am thankful that I have left.

The reason one may regret is the happiness, that I may get pleasure there but I am sure I am enjoying sitting silently more than any manifesting any more material in my life.

from your perspective, those regrets and all those words are coming but the constant bliss I am feeling while just sitting silent is just beyond expression.

SO if anyone asks me why Sannyas? I would say… can you give me the better way?

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