Move with the spiral to accumulate less Karma for liberation.

The life is like a spiral. In other terms we call it sansara as well. It is not moving in a loop but in a spiral.
When you intune yourself with this spiral, you start decepationg your accumulated karma and move towards liberation.

So, what is this spiral?

You see in life once in a while everything is repeated but still everything it is unique. Day and night is a loop but every day and every night are unique. seasons are repeating them once in a while but they are unique.

Every action in the body, every atom in the universe ismoving in a loop but each time a different one.

That is why I have termed it as a spiral not a loop.

Now, what is the relation with liberation?
FIrst of all you have to understand that human is wanting to be liberated unconsciously. The only question is when you will get back to your real consciousness to see it.

Liberation won’t happen unless you decepate all of your accumulated karma. In the simple term what I have understood is that when you create friction with the life you start accumulating it.

Creating friction is purely because of ignorance.

Even after listening it from me or someone if you still create friction with life, still it can be called as ignorance.

Now, what is the meaning of creating friction?

Do what is needed to be done.

Human Beings are called ” being” because they can be in a certain way. SO, just because we can be in the way we want you are being the most miserable way possible. because that is easy to be.

Life is designed in such a way that it flows, whether you want it or not.

So, you are bound to do something every instance of time. You could choose to not to do something but not doing something, is also a work.

What is the meaning of what needs to be done then?

Take example of your body.
If you want to survive you have to eat something. Now what to eat?
Your body has capability to eat anything but that does not mean you will eat everything.

Whenever you eat something the body responds to that food in a certain way.

With a little conscious attention you can easily experience the response of your body to the food.

Sometimes, you eat food, and you feel slepey, loousy, heavy, whereas some food make you light, fit, energetic and active.

When you understand this is the kind of food my body is seeking, better you give the same to it.

But what do we do?

We do opposite, we eat so much of crap knowing the fact that this is not good to my body.

Why do we eat then?

Because we don’t eat food for the body but the tongue. We have became the slave of our tongue.

We humans have mastered in finding shortcuts. Even if I will make you understand that you are longing to liberate, some of you will look for a shortcut.

In terms of happiness we do the same. We do things that gives us instant happiness. spicy foods, sex etc.

The tongue’s work is to tempt you much enough that you won’t die out of not eating.
The work of pleasure in sex is to tempt you to reproduce so that the nature could move ahead.

But we are getting entangled in them thinking that are the ultimate pleasure in our life.

Now, when you understand what you body wants and still you put something that your body don’t like, it will struggle, and that is what friction is all about. Your body wants something and you are giving something else because of the taste and it is creating friction for your body.

Similarly, understanding the universe, experiencing the knowledge and sharing the knowledge is something our mind prefers the most.. that does not mean you can’t take the negative stuffs.

But if you observe your thoughts enough you could easily understand there are thought that are constructive in nature and there are thoughts that are destructive in nature.

It’s not hard to understand if you put a little conscious effort that what kind of thoughts are better for your mind, yet we put all the crap stuffs in our mind.

Here, we put in stuffs not on the basis of what if good for our mind but what gives pleasure to our mind, that is the reason what porn, spicy news, and all the random negative stuffs is taking over people’s mind.

Now, when you put all kind of stuffs that your mind don’t want what will happen it will create friction and the anxiety, depression all these unnecessary will happen to you and you will end up believing that that stress, anxiety, Traumas, depressions are the part of our life but that is untrue.

When it comes to job, when it comes to any work when you create friction rather than a flow, you accumulate more and more karma. It’s not the task of the job to be interesting, It’s your task to be interested in everything, every aspect of life.

You must not say this is my passion, you must wonder that why everything in this world is not your passion?

There is nothing like this is my calling, this is not my passion, this is not my thing… Because whatever you may choose in your life, it is not going to be easier and and piece of cake.

That does not mean life is harder. Life is the only perfect thing that you would ever experience.

Imagine, you are playing a game that is too easy, will you like it?

No. Boring!

Imagine you are playing a game too hard, will you like it?

No. Frustrating!

Now, imagine life. Don’t you think that this is just the absolutely perfect combination of easy and hard things in it?


So, you don’t like something it is not the problem of earth. It is not the problem of that thing. It is your mind which needs to be cleaned.

When your eyes see something on this earth it just reflects in your mind as it is. But based on the filters you have in your mind, you perceive it in that way. It requires really good clarity to see things without the filter and when you start seeing things without a filter, you can’t judge which is good, and which is bad. Because there are no such things.

Good and bad are the terms that developed by humans not by the nature.

So, when you do the job with equal passion that you are giving to everything else in your life, it will be frictionless.

It will not give you anxiety, it will not give you stress. That does not mean it will be easy, it will be equally challenging but now that you are out of the filters you are going to move frictionless.

On top of that, your life will be blissful for no reason.

The Life has already have designed the best possible process for you to liberate. Just flow as it wants you to flow. Be enough conscious to experience what is the demand of the situation.

This does not mean hit your head all around thinking what is the demand of the situation? what is needed to be done. Just do whatever coming in your way lovingly and joyfully and your experience will let you know what is needed to be done.

There is nothing to be avoided on this world, but there is always to be chosen,

If you are ever confused, be as still as possible without doing anything.
Because if you are confused whatever you will do, you would create friction with the nature.

Imagine, you are in the long line for booking a train ticket, and you have no option but to wait for half an hour, what will you do?

Obviously, you will check your phone. is not it?

This is exactly what I was talking about. when you don’t know what you have to do, wait, sit still. Don’t even move because we would prefer to create as less as possible friction if we are ignorant in order to accumulate less karma.


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