Should you ask questions to a Brahmachari in Isha?




During this journey of linga seva, one swami came to tell us the stories of a few enlightened beings.

One Akka asked him…

Q1: “What is Mukti?”

After the Sadhguru Darshan, we were coming back and there again one Akka stopped one swami and asked…

Q2: “Swami, why do people scream?”

In the last Linga seva, during our meeting with Swami Avipada, Someone asked something about meditation.

The Universal answer

Well, you might be having the answer to those questions.

But these Swamis had only one answer to all of these questions.

I don’t know.

Swami Avipada said, ” I don’t know what is meditation, if you ever get to know then please let me know too”

It was not at all sarcastic.

The Foundation of Brahmacharya

The very reason for them walking on this path is the realisation of not knowing anything.

When you start to realise you don’t know anything then only you become a seeker and walk on the path to ultimate.

The day you say I know, seeking ends and so does your journey.

Now, you are not on the journey to ultimate anymore and hence Brahmacharya.

Brahmacharya literally means “walking on the path to the ultimate”

If they ever answer you, they are finished.

Now, the question you are asking might seem to you an important one but it is just a mess created by your own mind.

Better you not put these messes in their head and let them be as pure as they are.

Should not you talk to Swami?

Of course, you can.

But for work purposes only.

They are very intense and helpful.

They are the kids with full intensity, which is really difficult to maintain once you get old.

They look very serious but all of them are like water.

They do have certain information that you might need but don’t ask the question that is neither in your experience nor theirs’.

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