#11 Slow and Conscious Eating Challenge!

One day I saw Jen Akka eating way too slowly in Biksha Hall.

If you eat fast, you never know who gets up last from your row.

But if Jen Akka is sitting in your raw, I am sure it would be her.

That day, I ended up asking her, “How can you eat so slowly?”

It continued…

That conversation continued till yesterday.

We were sitting inside the office and there were two more members and I put up this conversation just to tease her.

Now there was one more girl in the same group and she joined Jen Akka.

Because she also eats slowly!

Now they are both arguing how it is important to chew well, I gulp instead of chewing and all.

My argument is what are there in Akshaya to chew 24 times except for Carrot and ground nuts?

But they win.

The challenge for you!

Later, Jen Akka challenged me to eat slowly.

“You will see if you get up before me”, She said.

I accepted.

We went to Biksha Hall.

Sat in the Opposite rows facing each other.

I called that other akka who said she also eats slowly.

Food was served, and Invocation was done.

Now, Eating time.

The consciousness with which I was eating is immense.

I also counted how anytime they actually chewed a mouth full of bites.

Shraddha Akka chewed it 32 times and Jen Akka chewed it 13 times.

That is because Jen Akka was eating a slice of Carrot.

It happened, I got up last this time.

After the Dinner!

We all came back to the office and put up the conversation again telling them about their chewing counts.

They were shocked.

Just to have fun I said, ” Aaj Maine jo suji chabaya hai na..” I continued, “Mere much mai suji chilla rahe the k kya kar raha h bhai tu? Hum by default hi chote hote hain”

Everybody laughed.

I said, ” Bhagyashree Akka got up by 7:16 and till 7:11 I was chewing Carrots only”

They busted out.

This was worth it.

Yes! Their Laughter.

Consciously Eating.

Now just to eat it slowly, I had to be very conscious about my actions there.

Because subconsciously I would eat faster.

Now, I was being aware of the bite and the grinding of the food inside my mouth.

It is still true that you can’t chew Akshaya food many times because they make food in a certain way that a man with no teeth can also eat.

But in the end, I really felt the food that I was consuming.

I did not care about the challenge but I had to eat consciously and I won the challenge and also Realised one pattern that can be broken.

Gratitude at the end

I was not the last one to get up. I was second last.

The last guy who got up went in front of the Sadhguru photo after washing his dishes and did a genuine Pranam.

Firstly, I thought it does not make a difference but Still I tried to copy him since he was doing something good.

And the gratitude that I had inside got enhanced.

It was worth it.

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