#12 When you see a man in Beard Driving inside the Ashram: Sadhguru

When the security Stopped me.

I was coming from Biksha Hall after my dinner.

And the Security Guard, “Anna Anna… Anna… Please Stop”

He made me stop with the rest of the people behind me.

It started raining slowly and all I wanted to say was that security guard.

please let me go and stop the rest coming from behind.

But I did not say anything and cooperated with him.

Sadhguru Darshan.

I stood there without knowing who is coming and was worried a little bit about the rain since I have drenched in water during my Pradhakshina one hour before.

Within No time an SUV came from the Kaivalya Kutir side and I saw a man with a beard driving the SUV.

Yes, It was Sadhguru!

Suddenly, there was traffic on the other side. and he turned towards us and folded his hand from inside of the Car.

A day with the Reminder.

Went for an unplanned Pradakhina.

In the midway, it started raining. I walked as if the grace is upon me.

I literally, feel it.

Not just an Imagination but a perspective that came to me.

Completed the Pradakshina in the entire rain.

I could see the raindrops falling from the sky making the path less and less visible. People are moving slowly and carefully under the umbrellas and raincoats.

I was walking with certain ease under the open sky barechested.

Being aware of the fact that every tiny aspect of life is working the way it was supposed to be to keep me normal.

Clouds of thoughts.

The rain put more thought and clarified some unsorted knots.

Instead of avoiding people, I could be conscious about my action and maintain myself just a little away from anything I could ride the waves of Karma.

For now, I am definitely entangling myself.

I found one person from Linga Seva and started talking to him. he shared things about his life.

Everybody has their own reasons for being here but My reason is helpless.

If I don’t speak about it, it is the most scared one but if I open my mouth it becomes most stupid.

Spiritual throttle is aligning.

Everything is making me aware of my spiritual existence.

Started seeing males and females everyone to be the same.

I know, I am not hallucinating and all I could see is some beings are blessed with the male body and some beings are blessed with the female body.

Be it rain, Dhyanlinga or seeing Sadhguru in the evening are just dragging me back to the track. It feels like I am losing control of myself and the entire Ashram and the energy aspect of it is taking over me.

Just keep following the process but what I can feel is in terms of a conducive atmosphere, I am in the best situation.

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