#18 Striving to manage time but couldn’t!

Well, we all have the same 24 hours in a day and being in the Ashram you don’t even have the day but the moment.

You can only choose what you are supposed to do now. there is no future here.

Nothing is done tomorrow.

But how will you fit 4 hours of tasks in 2 hours?

Project or Meeting

Yesterday after Pradakshina, when I returned to the office it was late.

One Anna sitting right next to me said, “Meet your team leader; he was looking for you.”

It does not usually happen.

I thought, is there a problem because I was late.

I went there apologized for being late and he handed over to me one more project. It was not serious but one more task.

I had 3 hours and I thought I would complete it the same day only but then we had a surprise meeting for the old project and that unnecessary discussion kept going for hours and all I was left with was 1 hour.

So I could not finish that project and the Akka whom I was reporting to I messaged that I will complete it after dinner.

Video record or Sadhana.

After 5 PM, I got my sadhana break and also a big confusion!

Should I do my sadhana or should I go for Recording a video?

Sadhana can’t be missed but I also don’t want to be consistent in videos as well.

But I have only 1 hour 50 minutes and if I do one I can’t have time for the other.

Then I thought, Oh! today I have my fast so I will not eat.

Now I can go and record the video because the sun is still up there later I can’t but I can do my sadhana in the evening.

I went to record the video and postponed the sadhana.

Sadhana or Volunteering!

After coming back from video recording I had to do my sadhana.

But I had to go to the restroom.

I went to the rest room and when I was coming back I saw a long line in front of the valuable counter

I could guess there are fewer people inside.

I stopped.

Should I help there or should I go for Sadhana?

In Isha even if you don’t do something it gets done. Because there are some willing volunteers.

Now, I had my SAdhana but then I thought I should do it anyway I am not going for dinner.

Then I helped.

After the help. I had another confusion should I go for my dinner or sadhana?

Oh! no. I was back to square one.

I choose to go for dinner and missed my Sadhana. It was not a good feeling or even a good thing.

Meeting or Project.

Oh no! there is a meeting at 8:15 PM.

I had promised one Akka for that project that I would complete after dinner.

Now, what should I do?

I have two work at the same time!

I went back to the office and then asked her, I have a meeting should I go or get it done now? she said you can go.

I went back and attended the meeting.

Waking up at 3:30.

Even after 26 kilometres of walking barefoot I was not tired at all and woke up the next day early morning so that I can do my sadhanas on time.

Sadhana is not the thing one should miss or postpone.

Everyday sadhana.

Morning sadhana and Evening sadhana.

But sadhana is necessary.

So I woke up and did my morning routine. Complete my Surya Kriya and then went to wash clothes.

Later attended guru puja, Yogasana and completed my Sambhavi.

Then edited and uploaded one of the videos I had recorded yesterday.

So, this routine needs to be continued.

But I must say i felt more energetic than rest of the day today morning.

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