Am I having the pain of Ignorance?

Yes!! I know I am ignorant.

If I know that then there will definitely be pain within to know what is the nature of the truth.

Instead of searching for the truth. It s essential to remind and deepen the ignorance of the self.

How to do it?

Just remember it every moment.

And remain conscious of it.

Do the necessary sadhana and remember the pain of ignorance.

Let it pick the pace and when it does. When it gets more intense.

You know you are just ignorant when you are waking up, doing your brushing.

While Sadhana working in the office, visiting Dhyanlinga and everything else you have the pain within throughout, and it will deepen.

Now, when will it happen and what will happen is out of my imagination but all that is required is the necessary awareness all the time that I am ignorant.

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