#17 They distrubed the hell out of me!

Mega Cleaning.

A day to deep clean the entire stay area.

I woke up in the morning and not feeling energetic.

I went to toilet and brush my teeth but did not take bath.

Aftet Yogasana, I packed my stuff and got ready for cleaning and room shifting.

Missing morning bath

I did not like that I had to miss my morning bath.

Because if I am going for guru Puja then I must ensure that.

Yesterday night I had roti and to get it digested one must drink sufficient amount of water.

I did not drink it.

Neither I had kept it near me in the night.

Around 1 AM, I got up went to toilet and then got some water to drink.

This has to be fixed. I must always keep my water bottle filled and only one is not enough I need more filled bottles.

Keeping track of Clothes.

Since, I did not take bath in the morning, I did not look for.my towel.

I thought it must be some where as usual.

After the cleaning stuff was done, I went to find it so that I can go and take bath.

It was not there.

I went to get the clothes that I left for drying for last 3 days.

I found 3 on the line and one down in the mud.

Before this I have already love one Save soil tee shirt, and one Linga seva Shawl.

This has to be fixed:

I must keep track of my clothes, which cloth is where, which one is used, which one is to washed and where have I left for drying.

Time organisation.

Can’t afford anymore to wake up late.

Can’t afford anymore to go to bed on time.

No phone before bed, no phone after bed.

Only at the specific time and rest of the time it should remain off.

No god damn emergency.

My body has to get in tune with the sleep cycle, toilet cycle.

Winter is coming and if I don’t have a habit of waking up early then I would be I will have to go through a lot of friction.

Sadhana timings are not fixed. Pradakshina is not happening properly, no presence time, not temple visit.

All of this needs time organisation.

No bed to sleep.

They have shuffled our rooms and now we are put in a room where there is no space to sleep but only locker.

All we have to do is to find some room to sleep in and in the morning early get back.

For this atleast we need to wake up late but one can choose to stay late but I must ensure that I am coming back early.

Geting the empty washroom and doing early morning Sadhana.

If I don’t use my phone then definitely, I will be able to do it.

This will bring a little instability and that seems to be necessary for transformation.

Writing seriously.

Taking the journaling seriously.

Especially on the aspects where I need to grow more stable.

I need to keep track of me.

Taking up the responsibilities.

There is a need to be a decision maker.

  • Choosing to when to take break?
  • Go with someone or alone?
  • When to visit Dhyanalinga!
  • Whether to talk to someone or not?

Drama of Karma.

This is the drama of Karma which is between they way I want to live and the way I am living.

Slowly Slowly, they would go but I must be conscious about everything and then it will dissolve gradually.

Sleep is more important than talking to someone.

Going to Dhyanalinga is more important than hanging out with someone.

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