A Man and a Being – Poetry

Going beyond the identity of a man and women.
All I see is beings blessed with different bodies.
You may see 1000s people around you.
A man and a women, that’s all I see.

Healthy, sick, thin or Fat.
It is not the being but of the gift that they have.
A tool for the realisation.
A tool to touch the ultimate and get the liberation.

They sleep with a man or a women
They know them, they take it granted
When I see, these beings blessed with certain body.
All I see is, you know the body that is sleeping with, but not the being.

Sounds rediculus to think, you don’t know the being next to you.
Neither that being knows, not you are aware of who are you?
Under the shower when I feel my body changes temperature,
All I feel is this is not me, But like a game of first person shooting.

You see it but you know, you are not that.
You kill and die but you know, immortal you are.
The bodily pains and pleasures might overwhelm you.
But The consciousness remains untouched irrespective of what.

When will this wisdom hit the consciousness, oh guru.
The pain is sinking deep day by day.
Even after knowing what’s I’m searching is deep within.
The restlessness is picking the pace.

Eyes sees beauty from outside.
Mind sees how evolved the person is?
Emotion sees how the person is with me?
And the life sees the karmas of the being.

Saw Sadhguru from this close

For very first time.

My hands came together and started shivering,

Drops of tear came down rolling.

Even in the night I see him glowing.

All I could see for very first time- A man and a Being.

-Swapneswar Barik

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