The Realisation of Life’s Truth. – Poetry

Life has no purpose no goal,
You just simply be.
The dreams and achievement,
does not make any sense, play however you feel like.

Are you playing well?
In reality or in mind?
You are not even a speck in this infinite darkness,
Your existance does not make any difference.

Don’t take life seriously,
Yet strive to make it happen.
Intensify yourself and go all in,
only if you have certain ease within.

Find that ease first.
then comes your well-being.
Everything will come and go.
you must pay attention to certain thing.

Body, mind, Energy, time.
Some crucial aspects to be aware of.
These are the colours you use
to paint the picture of your life.

Just live fully, but keeping your foot on ground.
Fly high in the sky, to inspire to live better.
Dont take anything into your heart
because all this will be dust later.

What is dignity, what is respect?
Identity or personality?
Dissolve yourslef into life.
When the personality dissolves the presence goes wide.

Always be a part
don’t dodge or avoid anything.
ride the wave.
Just be still from within.

-Swapneswar Barik

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