Do you respect everyone equally?

One of the mistakes we often do is we don’t treat people well who are behind us.

You will see your behaviour towards a successful person is always different.

I remember sending a message to such a person who was ahead of me and I got a denial. After a long time, I sent him another message with a desperateness that how badly I need his help. He denied it too.

I’m not supposed to have any problem with that.

But the thing is if I would be in a better situation than him, he would come after me.

This is what I could not like. Every human deserves equal respect irrespective of their material possession. Just because of the hope of getting something out of someone a whole lot of people behave differently. And these are not bad people, the best people in the world and that is why I have the problem.

The best of the best people only come out when they are with someone of authority.

Does that mean, I have also disrespected people who cold call me?

Well, I can’t remember anyone sending a message to me with a genuine request and I gave a bad reaction. I always feel gratitude. That could be because I get fewer emails.

Sometimes it feels like the old version of me was a lot more effective in this world. Who was strict, talk less, used to shout, laugh and understand as well but now I am more understanding and trying to understand their situations, which I am not supposed to think about.

In the one corner of my heart, I just love what I have become and in the other part, I just want my old version to take over me again.

I am not complaining about this but reminding myself that don’t be that person who doesn’t give enough respect to others and second is prove to the people that you are worthy.



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