How to get more of what you want?

Ever heard people saying, “I will make the earth a better place!”

Let me tell you a secret.

The Earth is itself 100% precise and perfect. In fact, everything that is provided by nature is absolute with 100% accuracy.

So, no matter how much you try. It can’t be even better. However, if you know this science then you may attract anything you want.

Let me give you some examples, why am I saying so…


In recent years, India faced so many cyclones from the Arabian sea.

I was curious to know, why is this happening?

Then I understood that Tropical cyclones are formed only over warm ocean waters near the equator. When warm, moist air over the ocean rises upward from near the surface, a cyclone is formed.

Now, imagine if we heat the earth excessively by burning all parts of it, that air can cause low pressure and it will form a cyclone in the ocean. In the next moment, the cyclone may come and rain so that the fire can be extinguished.

It is obvious that just by burning 2-3 pieces of wood we can’t make a significant heat but it is possible that in any case, the entire earth gets on fire the ocean will form enough cyclones to save it.

Thus, there is always a cause and due to that something else happens that tries to nullify the various cause that started it. faraday’s law.

Mouth Paint

I moved to Bangalore and there I was living in a PG. Aunty used to make too spicy south Indian food and that is really hard to digest for me. especially the chilli one.

I forced myself to keep eating. Because I felt if their body can tolerate it then I can do it too.

My stomach started burning. My face was burning, still, I keep eating. but then I got ulcers in my mouth. It is an infection that will not let you eat chilli at all. It will burn in the mouth too much.

What I realised is that my system is trying to undo this.

Water needed for tubewell

There was a man in the middle of the desert who suddenly found a tent.

He was thirsty and when he get in there he sees a tube well. He tried hard to pump out the water but he could not. then he sees a bottle full of water.

He was about to drink that but then he reads something written on it.

It says, “Use the water to start the tube well”

He put the water in the tubewell and then starts pumping again and soon he gets the water.

Nature doesn’t slap back

It means nature works in a circular manner. The bigger the cause the bigger the reaction but not in the exact opposite direction. If you want to cut trees, it will not resist you cutting the trees but it’ll build cyclones and rain so hard that the trees can grow again.

With limited understanding, we can’t be able to understand the limitless intelligence of the universe.

What you give, you get it back in the other direction.

Nature will not slap but ask someone else to slap you. that is why this Karma exist.

It means if you want more money, give more money, if you want more happiness, make others happy.


When you give something, when it comes back, it comes with the same intensity or more. It means you spend $500 on something and chances are there that you may earn $1000.

Businesses are also operating on the same principle consciously that they are giving money to buy raw materials and then selling at a higher price but that is a calculated one.

When you give it to the universe, without any expectation soon you get more than you gave.

My suggestion is to keep how much you want and return the rest to nature. Because everything belongs to Nature.

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