How to Become a Fluent and Fearless speaker?

The Solution of becoming a Confident Speaker.

When your friends and relatives know you as a shy introvert kid, not from a convent school, they don’t expect you to speak English fluently with confidence in front of camera.

Most of them remain in Awe, when you achieve this.

Then one question everybody ask to you is , ” How did you do this ?

There are two types of people ask this…

One who are intrigue that was there any magical formula that you did it!

And second, who are intersted to know so that they can achieve the same…

Whichever person it maybe… my answer remains always same…

  • Write and Read.
  • Listen and Speak.

Reading and Writing will help you to express english in a better way.

Because, when you do it…

  • You struggle to express some sentence or words.
  • You struggle in pronounciation.
  • You Struggle in Spelling.
  • You struggle to understand new words. etc. etc.

Every single time you face the struggle, you choose to learn it, over the time you become expert at it.

Listening and Speaking helps you in becoming spontaneous, fluent and builds confidence in speaking in front of people.

Because, when you do it…

  • You train the muscle of your tongue to speak faster, fluently and with better pronounciation.
  • You train your brain to think and speak simultaneously, which lead you to think in English for better flow.
  • Listening is the best way to learn new sentence structure and words, and that is ultimately the only way we do learn to speak any languages.

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You believe me or not, but there are no complex theories or hacks that would help you achieve results faster or most efficient way.

There is literally no shortcuts.

21 Techniques are always to make us feel better, because basic human nature is always to ask for more.

This is one of the reasons why we unnecessary complecated our life.

Information Gives Knowledge But Action Gives Results.

Work Ethics.

It is not the information what you supposed to do matter! but How you do it.

Healthy life is the best life.

Just go out and you will see every 3 person is over weight or having a belly out.

Don’t they know Exercising is good?

Don’t they know reading books is good?

There was a beautiful quote for reading 500 words a day.

I know most of you can do it, but most of you will not do it.


Often people get excited thinking about the result and approach it with intensity. They quickly end up exhausting themselves.

People always know what to do, it is that we fail in implementation and rarely any book and person talking about it.

The reason is quick fix solution.

Quick fix Solution

The entire world is running with quick fix solution.

When I started to solve the problem of stage fear of people. One thing that kep running in my mind for days.

Why nobody is solving it yet ?”

The reason was, helping someone to build confidence is a process not one step solution.

It can’t be fixed quickly.

People make business on what can be fixed quickly more. Because the customer has more conviction that give the money take the product.

But you can’t give the money and take confidence!

People are talking about Mindset, Human Relationship, Finance. Nobody is talking about Work Ethics. But that is the real Shit.

At the end, it always comes down to implementation.

You have learnt Human Relationship, Now Implement.

You have learnt Finance, Now Implement.

The world is full with smart, talented unsuccessful people, because they were not ready to give what it takes.

If you are ready…

Work Ethics

If I ask you this simple question…

When are you done?

  1. When you have done enough for the day.
  2. When Mom says, that is enough.
  3. When you are exhausted.
  4. When it is actually done.

First 3 are illusions. You always have more to give than you think you can.

David Goggins says, ” If you think you have exhausted, congrats you have reached 40% of your ability”

In one of the season of Todd Sampson’s Body Hack he go through a test that proves that he got exhausted after reaching to 47% of his ability.

After mind training of 2 weeks he came back and he shows his growth of 150% of the previous milestone.

Unless you have no blindfold on, you can relate to this easily that you have never really explored the best of your potential.

Here are a few factors that you need to know…

  • Perseverance.
  • Will Power.
  • Determination.
  • Consistency.
  • Spirituality( consciousness).

You don’t need all, You need one.

Use the word that you resonate with but all means Get your ass off and Work.

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