Why you should not set Alarm?

Snoozing alarm is one of our common habits. In one of the studies of French tech firm Withings, more than half (57%) of Americans are snoozers.

Usually, we set an alarm to wake up at a certain time forcefully. Because somewhere we are scared that we might end up sleeping more.

Keeping health and sleep cycle aside, let’s talk about waking up at right time.

Why do we snooze?

One of the major reasons we hit the snooze button is that we know the time.

Let me explain…

Imagine, you have to go to the office at 9 AM in the morning, you set an alarm at 6 AM so that you can complete some necessary task before leaving for the office.

The next day when the alarm goes off, the first thing you do is to snooze!

The moment the alarm goes off, your brain reminds you quickly at that moment that it’s 6 o’clock. The next thing your mind does is calculate 10 different possibilities to choose to sleep a little more over doing all the important tasks. The moment it convinces that those tasks can be done in less time, you choose to click on the snooze button.

Definitely, laziness is a factor but imagine if you don’t set an alarm and you know you have to complete some important task before leaving to the office. The moment you wake up you will jump out of your bed in hurry to see whether you are late!

Hence, by not keeping the clock near to us we can save ourselves from snoozing the alarm!

Knowing time is important

Waking up in the morning and not being able to see time can be freaking for us.

However, can I tell you that there is a way you don’t need to see the watch yet you can wake up at right time!


I remember I had to go to Bangalore, I was excited about this journey because I have never been there. I had train in the morning from Bhubaneswar. I could not afford to lose the train but at the same time, I was sleeping till 7 AM every day.

I was supposed to set an alarm at 4 AM but I don’t know why the alarm on my phone does not ring. So I did not set the alarm but the enthusiasm and scarcity of waking so early were such that my sleep got broken right at 4 AM in the morning. Exactly at what time I was wanting to wake up!

This is not the first time my sleep is getting broken when I was wanting to.

Can you remember any day you were excited about? You were excited to see the morning sun rays as soon as possible, you were so desperate that you can’t wait any longer?

If you have experienced any such day then your brain will help you wake up without an alarm at the right time.

The answer to that is Your SUBCONSCIOUS MIND.

Whatever you speak before sleep the subconscious mind remembers it. It has tremendous power that we can use to shape our lives in the best possible way.

What we need to understand!

Unfortunately, we are looking for external hacks to control ourselves. If you can realise then the natural source of creation is within you. We are the most sophisticated creatures. We can reproduce and make another life, we can eat a piece of bread and soon enough we turn it into the human body.

Now, a creature that can accomplish this level of the sophisticated task that needs an external alarm to wake up in the morning sounds weird.

Remember, you are the master. You are supposed to control your body and mind. Forcing yourself to wake up in the morning through some external means is nowhere going to work. If you are the master of your body and mind can’t do it by yourself, how can you expect that tiny device makes it happen!

Certainly, it can break your sleep but it can’t wake you up! The studies say 76% of Americans wake up abruptly in the morning with the loud sound of an alarm clock, smartphone, or another electronic device. A majority of respondents (79%) said a bad wake up experience can ruin their day, which, in turn, they said affects concentration (51%), work (38%), and well-being (35%). Nearly half (45%) of Americans indicated they think the best way to improve their wake up experience would be to eliminate the alarm entirely and let their body clock wake them up.

Don’t set an alarm, tell your mind when to wake up. I bet you can’t imagine how accurate your subconscious mind is!



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