You don’t want to be RICH.


Can you name a person who doesn’t want to be rich?

Barely you can name anyone. But it’s a good thing. Becoming rich helps you enhance your intention. If you are a good person then you will do good things in the world and the world undoubtedly needs good people.

So, if you think you are a good person then you should not only be rich but super-duper rich.

Is it the money we are after?

Money has been an essential part of our lives for centuries now. But is this the reason we work?

  • Is this the reason, why we do business?
  • Is this the reason, why we do jobs?

Imagine, you buy a brand new car. what do you think is the job of a car?

  1. to consume gas.
  2. to take you from point A to point

Yes, the job of a car is to help us in transportation not to consume gas. Gas is an essential element that helps us to make it happen.

Similarly, money in a business is the gas in a car. The essence of a business is to earn money but to help people in a certain way. And money makes it smoother, simpler and better.

The same goes for jobs. We don’t do it for money, we help a business to help people.

Why we can’t be rich?

Money is a byproduct

As long as the main intention of a business is only to make more profit, it’s not possible to become super-duper rich.

I mean, nobody is gonna give you money because you want it! Neither you gonna give money to someone because they want it.

This clearly states that money has always been a byproduct. The main goal of everything where money is involved is to help humankind to live a better life.

History of money

I remember my father once said that he once borrowed a pen from someone in his childhood. It was in the age when they never used to have a pen. They only see it in offices.

That pen cost ₹3 back in the time.

Unfortunately, he lost that pen. It was one of the scariest experiences he had as a child.

When my grandfather got to know about it. He yelled at my father but my father had no answer to his questions. he stood silent and my grandfather gave some amount of rice to compensate the amount.

From that day he never takes anything from anyone.

These exchanging goods are called bartering.

Money is invented after the failure of the barter system. The barter system could not justify the value of certain items and we could not use it for proper exchange.

Then one of the rarest metals was found on the earth and used as a middle agent to exchange goods.

That is GOLD.

This helped us to specify the price of an item and that made the goods exchange smoother.

Value of money

Over time the demand for gold started growing with the growth of the population.

So the coins started reducing their value. then silver coins came, copper coins and other metals are also used in making money.

Now, the value of money is reduced to such a level that we are using papers as currency.

In reality, non of this has any value. Gold may be good looking metal, it could be the rarest metal on the planet, but what am I supposed to do with it? $1M in cash is nothing but just a stack of papers.

The value of money is not an inherent part of it but it is what we accept.

In the covid lockdown, one thing I realised was that even the richest man on the planet would die if he runs out of food.

Now, you tell me what does have more value the food or the money?

Now, one may ask, but you can buy food with that!

That’s true but not in a serious situation. If the world is running out of food then nobody will be willing to give you the floor for any money.

Are you a millionaire?

Once you understand the money as a piece of paper and comes to you as a by-product, you will get absolute clarity of how you can have more of it.

Just look at the millionaire and ask this question why they are millionaires?

You will realise, they are also humans just like you the only difference is they have a different attitude, aura and vibe.

That is what your real goal is.

You are not here to gather the million dollars worth of papers but to develop the attitude, build the aura and vibe at a certain frequency.

Your true aim is to become the person who is worth $1M.

Ask a question

That is why it does not matter if you have millions in your bank or not what matter is how you live your life. Are you trying to help someone genuinely, learning continuously and working hard or are you sleeping all day long, watching social media and hoping for a better future?

Always ask this question to yourself whenever you are doing something ” would a millionaire do it?”

  • If yes! then do it with more enthusiasm and passion.
  • If No! stop it right away.

If you are reading this right now, let me congratulate you because this is a common habit of all millionaires and I am certainly sure you will become a millionaire if you have this much patience.


Swapneswar Barik

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