You can win every day!

Every day we are doing our task, hustling hard to get the unknown reason of happiness called Success. Can I tell you this, the day you will get the so-called success, with the pace which you are going to get used to it is unimaginable.

Suddenly, you will realise the day you have been waiting for years is not giving fun anymore. No matter how big your achievement could be the happiness of achieving it will not remain for more than a month.

I remember I was listening to the podcast of Raj Shamani with Papa CJ.

In one section of this podcast, Raj speaks about every time when he touches the amount he always wanted to, he still remains clueless.

Papa CJ, on the other hand, speaks about how we start with some intention in our head, and at the end, we end up doing something else, by giving his own example of being an MBA from oxford to professional Comedian.

Thus, the success we are after is a ghost.

We don’t know what it is, we don’t know how are we gonna feel after getting it. Moreover, we don’t know whether we are going to get what we want or end up getting something else.

Is it fair to chase after this much uncertainty?

Can we do this instead?

Every single day before going to bed Evaluate your day for 2 minutes. Feel successful after each day. Now, you must have a daunting question in your mind how?

See, this is simple!

If you have a good experience throughout the day, you would automatically be feeling joyful, just acknowledge that. If you have a bad experience and it has ruined your mood, feel gratitude for that.

See, we are born with nothing and will die with nothing and in between whatever happens to us, we are on the positive side.

Having a bad experience is not necessarily be bad always.

Steve Jobs says, ” It is hard to connect the dots in the forward direction but when you get to a certain point all of a sudden, all of your bad experience will start making sense”

The problem is that we label it’s a good experience or a bad experience. Definitely, they feel in a certain way, but can we rise above the good or bad, and see the experience as it is. When you can do that you feel there is something new that happened to you, it’s a good thing.

Now, you can learn from it and choose whether to repeat it again or not on the basis of the pleasantness of the experience or miserableness.

So, feeling grateful for the experiences that you have is the most important thing.

Now, if you can do this every single day for 2 minutes, it will give you a sense of satisfaction and in the end, it does not matter you get it to not. If you can stay happy every single day, why wait for that one day that has no certainty?


Swapneswar Barik

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